On September 8, 2022, after the alarming news about the deterioration of the health of the British monarch, almost the entire royal family went to Balmoral, Scotland, where Queen Elizabeth was staying. However, Meghan Markle was in no hurry to join her husband, Prince Harry.

Reportedly, the Dukes of Sussex immediately after the news went from Germany to Britain, but the wife of the royal grandson decided to stay in London. The Duke himself arrived in Aberdeen.

BBC journalists believe that one of the reasons is that other members of the royal family do not want Meghan Markle to attend the farewell ceremony for Queen Elizabeth after her scandalous statements.

For four years of marriage with Prince Harry, his wife Megan could not become another favorite of the British, which is her main rival, the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine.

Apparently, it was precisely because of strained relations with the royal family that the Duke of Sussex became the last of the family to arrive at the Scottish estate of Balmoral, which became the deathbed of Elizabeth II, and the first to leave it.

The only close relatives who managed to see the Queen before her death were Harry’s father, 73-year-old Charles, and his aunt, 72-year-old father’s sister, Princess Anne.

Meghan Markle nevertheless appeared at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, although there were rumors that this might not happen due to conflicts between Prince Harry’s wife and the royal family.

Meghan arrived in a motorcade along with the Queen Consort, Kate Middleton and her children: Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

The Duchess of Sussex walked to her seat alone. Her husband, Prince Harry, according to the protocol, followed the coffin with the children and grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth.

As you know, in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021, Meghan complained about racism among members of the royal family. Her statements hit Buckingham Palace and forced high-ranking representatives of the British monarchy to justify themselves. Among those who commented on these words was Prince William.

In response, several former employees of the Duchess of Sussex complained of bullying on her part. “Broken” royal aides said they felt humiliated, “sick,” “scared,” “shaking” with fear and brought to tears. Meghan was accused of using “emotional cruelty” on her employees and “kicking them out”. One called the Sussexes “outrageous bullies”.

Another split between families is related to charity – one of the most important duties of the royal family. In June, it became known that Megan and Harry would no longer participate in the Royal Foundation founded in 2009 by Prince William (Royal Foundation, he sponsors a variety of charitable programs in the field of health, ecology, support for young people in the army) and create their own fund.

Thus, it was no longer just about Megan, but about the conflict between the two brothers-princes and between the two families of the royal court.