On Wednesday, September 14, a solemn funeral service for Elizabeth II was held in London. The funeral procession stretched across the city and ended at Westminster Hall.

The entire royal family, led by Charles III and Queen Camilla, and including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Harry and Megan, as well as Prince William of Wales and Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, arrived at the farewell ceremony for the Queen.

The wife of the heir to the British throne, Prince of Wales William, the Duchess of Cornwall Catherine arrived at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain wearing jewelry from her personal collection.

The Duchess of Cornwall, Catherine, appeared in public wearing pearl jewelry, as since the time of Queen Victoria, members of the royal family have traditionally worn pearls as a sign of mourning.

In addition, the wife of Prince William saw baguette-cut pearl and diamond earrings brought from Bahrain. This piece of jewelry was given to the late Queen as a wedding present in 1947. Thus, Kate paid tribute to the Queen.

Members of the royal family have the right to borrow accessories from the collection of Queen Elizabeth II. It is noted that the wife of Prince William was repeatedly seen in public in the described earrings. So, for example, she wore them during the first solo tour in the Netherlands in 2016.