It seems that the life of Meghan Markle from the moment she met Prince Harry has turned into a constant confrontation with the whole wide world. Of course, she can always count on the help and full support from her husband, but everyone else seems to treat her with great distrust.

For four years of marriage with Prince Harry, his wife Megan could not become another favorite of the British, which is her main rival, the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine.

However, Megan still tried very hard to join the family. She almost unrecognizably changed her style, which since the beginning of 2017 has increasingly begun to resemble the one that Princess Diana and Kate Middleton became famous for. But that’s not all: ambitious and sociable Ms. Markle had to say goodbye to all her projects.

From the moment the former American actress entered the ranks of the royal family, the press and haters poured mud on her in every possible way.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle once accused the British media of grossly intruding into the lives of the royal couple. Harry even expressed concern that the same thing could happen to Megan that once happened to his mother, Princess Diana.

But not only did the press dislike Meghan. Most members of the royal family did not like Meghan’s behavior – Queen Elizabeth included. The actress often broke traditions: she turned her back on the queen, signed autographs, wore skimpy outfits.

Meghan and Harry also announced that they would have a baby during the celebration of the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. It was very ugly of them and humiliating for Prince Harry.

You can also recall her complaints about financial difficulties in America, despite the fact that Prince Charles transferred serious amounts to his son’s account with enviable frequency.

Their family’s rejection resulted in them announcing in January 2020 that they would be leaving the royal family. Harry and Markle really refused all duties, while not warning anyone. First they moved to Canada and then to the USA.

It became a huge resonance. Many in the family took it as an insult. Elizabeth II did not speak out in any way, but family members said that she was very upset. William – Harry’s brother – cut off all contact with him.

After the move, Markle gave several sensational interviews – and told how hard it was for her to live in the royal family. It turns out that she even thought about suicide. And she blamed her family for not protecting her from the brutal British press.

But the loudest statement is about racism in the family. Markle revealed that during her pregnancy, there were concerns and talk about how dark her baby’s skin would be. Prince Harry confirmed this. 

Despite Megan’s tears, her complaints about cruelty and even the manifestation of racism from family members, for some reason, did not arouse pity among the British.

However, this does not justify attacks and aggression towards Megan and accusing her of splitting the British family.