This week, farewell to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain took place in London. The state funeral was attended by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who left the royal family in 2020. They instantly attracted the attention of journalists and photographers, and on the Web they are vigorously discussing how the relationship of the scandalous couple with King Charles III, Prince William and Kate Middleton can change. 

Body language expert Judy James has revealed how the Duke of Sussex actually felt at his grandmother’s funeral.

James noted that Prince Harry looked back at his brother Prince William, with whom he once had a warm relationship, but now there is enmity between them. His face expressed sadness and pity. Harry was having a hard time. He was barely holding back tears when his wife Megan cried.

After the service was over, the brothers prepared to go after the coffin. This moment was the most emotional for Prince Harry. James suggests that at that moment, Prince Harry regretted leaving the royal family.

After that, the royal couples walked out of the grounds of Windsor Castle together. They went outside the gate to look at the bouquets of flowers, notes and posters that the British bring, honoring Elizabeth II. The prince brothers were dressed in blue suits, and their wives in laconic black dresses.

The members of the royal family, once known as the “Fab Four”, walked together along the gates of Windsor Castle and at times felt awkward in each other’s company.

Prince William looked like a “leader” as he was joined by his wife Kate Middleton and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for a walk in Windsor, said Judi James. However, a body language expert noted that “there were no signs of affection during the meeting.”

Harry is showing signs of anxiety when touching clothes, she said, but Meghan seems ready to offer comfort, support and encouragement. Kate looks a little distant. Kate and William mostly walked separately, occasionally touching each other. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan kept in touch most of the time, often holding hands.

The expert added that the meeting represented the “adult approach of the new Prince of Wales”, saying it “could break the ice”.

It seems that after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, changes are coming in the royal family. In particular, foreign media began to talk more and more about the return of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to royal duties. This is reported by US Weekly sources.