After the death of Elizabeth II, the whole of Great Britain is in mourning. In particular, and Windsor Castle, which without Her Highness has become very empty and lonely. This is exactly what Prince Harry, the youngest son of King Charles and the late Diana, said.

The King’s sons Prince William and Prince Harry attended the funeral procession along with their wives. When the coffin arrived at Westminster Hall, Charles III, Prince William and the Queen’s daughter Anne saluted. Harry and Prince Andrew, who are forbidden from wearing military uniforms, bowed their heads. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle curtsied. The Princess of Wales wore a diamond and pearl leaf brooch that belonged to the Queen for her mourning attire.

Prince Harry during the prayer could not contain his emotions. Megan rubbed her husband’s arm reassuringly as she left Westminster Hall. 

One more thing should be noted: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middton united in grief and appeared in public together, which surprised those present very much. Recall that for a long time their relationship was very tense.

The death of the Queen was an event that pushed the princes to some kind of rapprochement. It was William who initiated and called Harry and Megan to the UK to say goodbye to Elizabeth II. This worthy step was appreciated by many, but the new king Charles III also had a hand in it, who emphasized that all grievances and disagreements should be forgotten in these mourning moments for one family. It is worth noting that the invitation extended to Meghan Markle – a person that the monastic dynasty initially did not want to see in Balmoral.

The relationship between Harry and the Queen was special: over the past few years, she did not stop communicating with her grandson and gave him a chance to return to the BCS, which, of course, caused gratitude and respect from Harry. Prince Harry released an official statement where he said goodbye to his grandmother, calling her an important person in his life.

The prince said his memories of his grandmother range from his own childhood to meeting the queen with his children, 3-year-old Archie and 1-year-old Lilibet, who was named after Elizabeth’s nickname.

Prince Harry quoted the Queen as saying after the death of her husband, Prince Philip: “Life consists of parting forever and of first meetings.”

He also expressed his joy that his grandmother, Elizabeth II, was reunited in heaven with her husband, Prince Philip, who passed away a year earlier.