The former president was pictured in all white as he stepped out of the restaurant alone while being escorted by secret service agents. His daughters, Malia and Sasha, left separately. Obama could be seen waving goodbye to the restaurant staffers and turning down their offer of free ice cream before the agents warned them to stand back as they made their exit.

Obama was enjoying dinner with his daughters on Saturday night while former First Lady Michelle was in Seneca Falls, New York, being inducted in the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

The family chose to dine at Hamasaku, a trendy restaurant located on Santa Monica Boulevard, in West LA.

Hamasaku boasts a fusion of traditional Japanese sushi with a taste of California, and features a plethora of dishes containing salmon, lobster, crab, tuna, yellowtail and other tasty sea life.

While the restaurant also has several high-end desserts on the menu, including a berry cheesecake and sake-filled tiramisu, the former president appeared to have wanted a simple batch of ice cream, which he left without.

Obama’s visit to LA comes after his two daughters moved to the West Coast to pursue their careers and education. Malia, 24, moved to LA last year, after graduating from Harvard, to pursue a career as a screenwriter.

Obama was at the restaurant on Saturday with his two daughters, Sasha and Malia, who live in Los Angeles.