After keeping a two-year relationship out of the public eye,  a former Miss Argentina and a former Miss Puerto Rico secretly tied the knot, announcing their surprise via Instagram with a  montage of clips of them together.

Mariana Varela of Argentina and Fabiola Valentín of Puerto Rico confirmed their nuptials on Oct. 28 with photos and videos showing the couple hugging, holding hangs, laughing, kissing and appearing to get engaged. Their post opens with a clip of the two posing in white blazers in front of a courthouse in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 

In 2019, Valentín was among the top three contestants in the Miss Universe Puerto Rico competition and went on to compete in the Miss Grand International competition in 2020, where the couple first met, according to multiple reports.  Both of the women made it to the top 10 category of the competition. 

“After deciding to keep our relationship private, we open the doors on a special day,” the caption on their Instagram post says in Spanish.