HP Brown Sauce is just one of those things you need to have in your homes.

It goes with many staple dishes, but more importantly a Full English Breakfast just wouldn’t be complete without it.

Now while you might be a fan of the tangy brown condiment, have you ever thought about the detail on the bottle?

You might have noticed the letters “HP” on the bottles – but never thought about the meaning behind it.

A standard bottle will have the two letters emblazoned on the top in big white writing.

While Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster sits below in blue.

When you think about what the Palace of Westminster is, you’ll realise HP actually stands for “Houses of Parliament”.

If this is completely new information to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone…

One person said: “I didn’t know that, it seems obvious now, but also incredibly weird as a brand name.”

Another social media user commented: “What? Does it really mean that?”