Experts have revealed the ideal age difference for people who want their relationships to last. That’s not good news for couples who have a five-year age difference. 

A recently published study from Emory University in Atlanta found that couples with a five-year age difference are eighteen percent more likely to break up than partners closer in age. 

In 2014, researchers at the institution analyzed three thousand people as part of their study. 

Experts concluded that the more significant the age difference between couples, the more likely they were to be in a short-lived relationship. 

For example, partners were 39% more likely to break up if born ten years apart. 

The likelihood of breaking up increased to ninety-five percent in couples with a twenty-year age difference.  

Thus, the researchers concluded that the ideal age difference between couples is one year or less. 

The study found that the chances of divorce dropped to three percent for couples born within twelve months or less of each other. One of the researchers, Hugo Mialon, commented, “It may just be that couples with these characteristics are the types of couples who, on average, are more prone to divorce for other reasons.” 

Relationship and body language expert Katja Loisel previously told FEMAIL about some of the problems couples with significant age differences face. 

These include disapproval from society. Also, if a couple has opposing values and interests, this can strain their love, but this is a problem any couple can face.  

Some of the main signs to look out for if you are in a relationship with an older or younger partner are someone trying to “hide” that they are in a relationship, your friends criticizing them, many of your close relatives disapproving of them, they are trying to control or change you in some way, or you are not on the same page in terms of life goals and commitments. 

Our body language reflects our feelings and can show resentment, disapproval, contempt, and waning love if we look closely,” says the expert. 

We subconsciously reach for the people with whom we are pleased to be near and away from those who make us feel uncomfortable. 

Lip biting is a subconscious reaction to stress and anxiety – a sign that something might be wrong. 

So are crossing your legs, fidgeting, wringing your hands, and twisting your legs around a chair. 

While sometimes our bodies can be hard to read, if any of these signs are noticeable, it may be time to talk about how one partner feels. 

Kathi has some simple advice for those in a relationship with a significant age difference. 

Be very honest about your life goals and what you want out of a relationship and out of life,” she says. 

“Relationships with an age difference can be complicated, so keep your partner and your friendships together; they will be your lifeline.