Video from the game has emerged, showing Australian players Usman Khawaja and Marnus Labuschagne clashing with a fan during the fifth Test at The Oval. 

Footage from the video shows the angry fan relentlessly insulting every member of the Australian team until Khawaja and Labuschagne stopped to calm him down.  

It was a tough day on the field for the Aussies, and Labuschagne was in no mood to endure yet another shouting match from the fans. 

An unidentified person chanted “boring” at the Australian cricket team, resulting in Labuschagne returning to the pitch before being escorted out by teammate Khawaja. 

Khawaja then took his teammate to the stairs, and the screamer stopped his tirade against the other players.  

This is the latest case of fan misbehavior during the Ashes series, during which several fans were suspended for insulting Australian cricketers.  

During the second match of the Ashes series, Australian cricketer Khawaja was confronted by members of the MCC, whom he would like to kick out of Lord’s for their hostile behavior towards the Australian team.  

He was seen in an altercation with England fans in the Long Room and asked security to remove specific people who were reportedly booing the Australians and calling them cheats.  

Although that incident involved England fans and Lords members, there is speculation that the latest hooligan may be an Australian. 

Some cricket fans bombarded the unidentified hater with criticism for not understanding what Test cricket is all about. 

Khawaja was involved in another incident of fan misbehavior when the Lord’s visitors mercilessly insulted Australian cricketers by chanting “cheat” at them. 

It was a heated Ashes series both on and off the field, and fans from both countries sometimes overstepped their bounds. 

It has been a heated Ashes series both on and off the field, with fans of both countries occasionally crossing the line. 

The latest incident was caused by a slow ball which resulted in the England side, including retired bowler Stuart Broad, being fined on two occasions. 

The latest incident was the slow pace of play, which resulted in the England side, including retiring bowler Stuart Broad, being fined on two occasions. 

Others believe fans have every right to feel aggrieved by the consistently low pace of the innings during the Ashes series. 

Australia and England were stripped of 40% of their match fee and fined two World Test Championship points for slow overs in the first Test at Edgbaston.  

England players were stripped of their entire match fee at Lord’s for the slow pace of play.