A puppy with an uncanny resemblance to everyone’s favorite cartoon dog is winning hearts worldwide. 

All of you remember the famous cartoon dog named Snoopy from your childhood. And the following story will surely appeal to you. 

A little cartoon for lunchtime, which could not be missed, and everyone was looking forward to it. 

Recently it became known that in real life, there is an exact copy of Snoopy, an adorable little puppy very similar to the favorite cartoon character. 

The favorite cartoon puppy is winning hearts all over the world. 

This cute puppy from the USA immediately became the most significant internet sensation in the world, which is still trending. 

Most people think he’s too cute to be accurate and are just in awe of how much he looks like a real character from everyone’s favorite cartoon. He looks just like the real thing. 

Overnight, the account with the puppy went viral on social media. 

Millions of users subscribed to it, put likes, and shared similar messages. They couldn’t resist the cuteness of this puppy. 

The adorable puppy’s name is Bailey. 

And as it turns out, he’s a sheepdog. And the markings on his body are very similar to the familiar markings from the Peanuts cartoon. 

“How’s that for an identical resemblance!” – said one fan. 

The comments kept coming. 

Another fan called the dog “iconic, Snoopy comes to life,” and many couldn’t agree more. 

The images on the social networking site Twitter sparked a friendly discussion. 

A discussion in which people added some humor and puns by asking the real Snoopy to stand up. 

At the same time, others pointed out that Snoopy the Puppy is very much real. And a third asked, “Is Snoopy you?” with lots of emoji at the end. 

Although the real character named Snoopy is a beagle, and this puppy is a different breed called a sheepdog, the resemblance is just too cute to overlook. 

He has the same black nose, white muzzle, and huge floppy ears as the famous cartoon character. And it’s no surprise that fans can’t get enough photos of this cute pup. How about you?