A video of a cat trying to catch a parrot is gaining popularity on social media. Netizens seem to love the cute expression on the animal’s face. 

New Delhi: Domestic cats have always been known predators, especially against birds and rats. Social media is full of videos of cats and birds having fun together, but this video is hilarious in showing the cat’s instincts. The 13-second video of a cat trying to catch a parrot went viral on Twitter within 24 hours of posting. The cat tries to make its way toward the bird but suddenly turns towards it, causing it to pretend like it’s looking for something on the wall. Within 24 hours, the video, posted on Twitter @buitengebieden with the caption “Just checking the walls…”, had racked up 7.8 million views. 

The video also received about 3,000 likes and 35,000 comments on Twitter—the cat’s sudden reaction after being caught doing something naughty amused Internet users. 

Online visitors flooded the comments section with messages such as “Might be a good idea to wallpaper, wouldn’t you birdie?”, “Got caught” or even “Sir, I was just checking to see if the wall needed repairing.” 

This post shows that humans and animals can gain popularity on social media platforms even while committing misdemeanors.