Natural human cosmetics continued to be used throughout this period. Touch is one of the primary ways of communicating feelings, including physical attractiveness and tenderness. Studies have shown that even light, casual communication has various positive health effects. For example, it reduces heart rate, circulatory tension, and blood pressure levels and increases the human stimulant chemical oxytocin levels.

So, how can this help you improve your sex life and the nature of your relationship? Communicating with a woman is a great way to show that you trust yourself and that you like her.

To find out which areas of a young woman’s body are suitable for contact, pay attention to these eight areas of her body.

1. Back

Back contacts are commonly used to express support or reassurance; however, they are only successful when directed to the upper back. Touching a woman’s lower back is often perceived by women as a more sexual innuendo. Place your hand on her back to comfort or show her that you care about her.

2. Her hands

Touching hands have long been rehearsed to convey various degrees of intimacy with a person.

To date, a handshake usually means that the people you are talking to need to demonstrate their connection to each other outwardly. Showing a girl that you like her by openly holding her hand suggests you are expressing your affection for her.

3. her neck

Since the neck is rightly considered an erogenous zone, it deserves special attention. Kissing a lady is very pleasurable, but a prolonged kiss on the lips can be uncomfortable for both participants.

Kiss her neck, touch it with a few gentle, fragile kisses, and watch her toes twitch. For most women, the channel, which is a particularly tender area, deserves exceptional attention and care.

4. Her hands

When first getting to know her body, her arms may not stand out as a beautiful body part. Meanwhile, recent research into sexual intercourse has led to some interesting findings. Let’s imagine your inclination when a woman gently touches your hands.

A study conducted at the University of Aberdeen found that 66% of women are willing to make a move if the person inviting them does so by kneading their hands.

5. Her feet

Women pay a lot of attention to their feet. They modify their feet in various ways, including washing, shaving, cutting, and conditioning to achieve the perfect stylish result.

To show that they understand and appreciate a woman’s hard work, men should be sure to compliment her feet. Your appreciation and praise will not go unnoticed.

6. Her feet

It’s impossible to resist the temptation of getting a foot massage from a profoundly gifted professional.

Surprise her with a complete spa treatment and give her the best foot massage anytime by having it done for her.

7. Her waistline

Studies have shown that women are attracted to strong and determined men as significant partners. However, this doesn’t mean guys should act like rednecks or ignore a woman’s affections.

Subtle non-verbal communication can show her that you are willing to take charge if she is comfortable with the plan.

Touching her belly can help you dominate without crossing the line of dominance.

8. The area behind the ear

The skin’s surface behind the ear is fragile, which increases your awareness of this area. This location is also home to the vagus nerve, one of the many cranial nerves that run throughout the body.

According to several logical studies, the vagus nerve plays a huge role in increasing sexual desire. This may explain why whispering “tender words” in your ear is so attractive.