George Clooney’s wife, Amal, stood before onlookers on Friday night as the A-list couple dined in New York City.

The human rights activist, who attended a charity event with George the day before, showed off her embossed midsection wearing a burgundy dress with translucent sequins.

The elegant outfit consisted of a low-cut top, a floor-length skirt, and a sexy thigh-length slit.

She left the Italian restaurant Scalinatella wearing stiletto heels.

Amal and George (62), who married almost a decade ago and have two children, were joined by their parents for a late dinner.

While the ER star happily escorted his mother, Nina Bruce, and Amal’s mom, Baria Alamuddin, into the restaurant, Amal held hands with George’s 89-year-old father, Nicholas Joseph Clooney.

The brunette beauty completed the stylish outfit with a classic black leather jacket and styled her hair in an updo.

Meanwhile, George looked elegant in a navy blue polo and jeans, complemented with gray suede shoes.

Upon leaving the restaurant, George was pictured cozying up next to his wife while sitting behind the wheel of their SUV.

He had his arm around his wife’s slim waist as he helped her into the backseat.

The date came after George spoke in a rare interview Thursday about the twins he shares with his wife, Amal. 

In his interview on Thursday, the actor and his stunning wife revealed that they are introducing their six-year-old children, Ella and Alexander, to rock music, which the kids love.

Amal told Access Hollywood that her handsome husband has “started playing heavy metal music.”

To which George added: “The kids listen to heavy metal. They’re headbangers.”

It’s not heavy metal, just rich enough for them to bang their heads to.”

The couple clarified that their twins have musical inclinations but hilariously emphasized that this talent has not been passed down to them. 

‘It’s not that we’re in any way musical,’ laughs George.

‘It’s just that we don’t have musical talent … We’ve spoiled their gene pool.”

The matinee idol also revealed what he got Amal for their 9th wedding anniversary, which they celebrated on Wednesday. 

Once again, the joker confirmed his wit by saying his wife wasn’t too impressed with the choice. 

‘What’s the gift? What did you find in there? It was clay,’ he responded to Amal’s hilarious question during Extra’s interview at the Clooney Foundation for Justice’s Albie Awards, where they posed with her mother, Baria Alamuddin.

” Nothing exciting,” Amal evasively replied.

For their ninth anniversary, I gave her a pot,” George joked.

This rare glimpse into the glamorous couple’s lives comes after they spent the summer on Lake Como and enjoyed vacationing in August to spend the holidays with their children. 

They take boat trips, visit water attractions, and have a small group of friends their age with whom they have play dates.”

The ‘Batman’ star has admitted that he enjoys fatherhood and is even “surprised” by his own happiness. 

Meanwhile, the second Academy Awards, hosted by the Albee Award-winning director, brought together Hollywood’s best and brightest.

That night, Star couples included Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, and Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

The awards honor “courageous defenders of justice who take great risks for their work.”

The award was named in honor of Judge Albie Sachs, a world-renowned South African jurist imprisoned and exiled for his activism against the apartheid regime.