Television romantic scenes are not the same as movie romantic scenes, the format of which allows for much more payoff. TV romantic scenes are not necessarily the most explicit. In some cases, romantic comes from the imagination. 

But let’s not pretend that we don’t enjoy a good TV romantic scene now and then. Here are our top 5 best TV romantic scenes of all time.


The sex scenes between Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jaime (Sam Heughan) are the hottest of all time, mainly because they’re approached from a feminist perspective in Outlander. So it’s hard to pick just one. However, if we have to, we’ll like episode 11 of the first season. The action takes place when Jamie brings Claire to orgasm with the help of his hands. “I want to watch you,” he tells her before she climaxes. Uh-huh. Watch on Netflix.

The Girlfriend Experience

Throughout the three seasons of The Girlfriend Experience, you can find plenty of very romantic scenes. If the first season was centered on the heroine Riley Keogh, then in the second season, there is even more love, thanks to the heroine’s Anna Friel and Louise Krause. And their love scene in the kitchen after a few glasses of white wine? We’re still sweating. Watch it on the Starz channel.

Queer as Folk

There are still not enough shows showing love between queers. Please, more of them! Did we pick the romantic scene? It’s Michael and Ben’s passionate rendezvous from season two, which was brilliantly portrayed on the soft techno soundtrack. Episodes are available for purchase on Amazon.

American Horror Story: Hotel

Lady Gaga starred in American Horror Story: ” I don’t just get to do something because it’s provocative or shocking,” Gaga told The Hollywood Reporter. ” I think the story that [Ryan Murphy] tells about addiction, the story that he tells about our narcissism, the story that he tells about how human beings strive to survive in the face of universal adversity – that’s what makes love so good.” Watch it on Hulu.


There will undoubtedly be love in a series about a feminist erotic magazine. And if you ever need a visual representation of what the “female gaze” looks like, watch the episode in which Joyce meets her magazine’s first character, a handsome firefighter played to perfection by Taylor Zachary Perez. Watch it on HBO Max.