He was born when Abdülhamit I was on the throne at the beginning of the Ottoman Empire.

Zaro Agha lived to be 157. Tragically, he died. Here is the story of that man whose death made headlines around the world.

Here is the world’s longest-living man, Zaro Aga. He was born when Abdülhamit I was on the throne at the start of the Ottoman Empire and saw ten sultans. Zaro Agha lived for 157 years and died tragically. Here is the story of that man whose death was heard worldwide.

Zaro Agha was born when Abdulhamid I was on the throne at the start of the Ottoman Empire. Selim III was on the throne when he moved to Istanbul as a young man.

Zaro Aga was born in 1774 or 1777. He died on June 29, 1934, in Istanbul. Zaro Agha, a legendary leader of porters in the South East, lived for 157 years and is one of the longest-living people in the world.

Zaro Aga lived from 1774 to 1934. At the end of the 18th century, he came to Istanbul from Merment in Bitlis and worked on various buildings there. He then returned to his hometown.

Zaro Agha goes to Istanbul again to make money. He is strong and handsome and is invited to serve in the palace. Agha returns home during the Russian War and fights with the Şerif Mirza tribe. He is wounded in the leg.

Zaro Agha worked as a porter at the customs. He quickly became the porter’s butler and worked there for 20 years. He also founded the Porters’ Organization.

Zaro Agha is said to have eaten bulgur and yogurt the most. The Aga, who lived in a small house in Tophane, ate yogurt, bread, and buttermilk for dinner.

The world media is interested in Zaro Aga’s marriage and view of women. Zaro Agha was married seven times in his hometown, but the number of wives is unknown. Some say he had 13, 17, or 29 wives.

Zaro Agha had 13 children, five girls, and 29 grandchildren. When asked why he married so many times, Zaro Agha replied, “I can’t help it. The women I buy get old and die quickly.”

After Zaro Aga became famous, his story got sad. Zaro Agha, who built many historical buildings, went to America in his 150s with hope, but his life didn’t turn out as he’d imagined. Two Americans trick Zaro Agha into going to America. Zaro Agha is welcomed in New York, but his captors have different plans.

They dress him in a costume and perform him in circuses as “Zaro Agha.” They even set up a photo and kissing booth.

In his last year, the Aga developed tuberculosis and an enlarged heart.

After moving the 150-year-old Aga from state to state, they brought him back to Istanbul penniless. Ağa died on June 29, 1934 at Şişli Etfal.

The world media paid attention to Zaro Aga’s death, which happened in Istanbul. The hospital was full of journalists, and all the newspapers said Zaro Aga died as the oldest man in the world.

Zaro Aga is buried in Eyüp Cemetery in Istanbul.