According to the legends, Alexander the Great and many other influential leaders admired by society had the letter X formation in their palms. Moreover, this is a rare symbol to have in the middle of your palm (found in only 3% of people), so no wonder it was considered a sign of the “chosen ones.”

What does it mean in modern terms? The lucky sign denoting glory, prosperity, and authority in palmistry does not always imply its bearer is destined to become a leader or a prominent figure. Depending on the size and placement of an X sign on your palm, it could mean different things. But the closer it is to the middle, the higher the chances that your success, career growth, financial achievements, and fame are just around the corner.

Now, if you have both palms with an X, then, according to palmistry, you are one of those extremely fortunate individuals who hold a high position in society and get a lot of power in their hands. You will likely acquire wealth and become famous internationally – luck, prosperity, and recognition will come your way in any form you wish.

While these are all good things, they certainly don’t happen automatically. You’ll have to put in a fair amount of work and face some struggles. But that’s a great confidence boost – in the form of that letter X – and a reminder that you are special. Even if you are skeptical about palm reading as a tool indicating your potential and predicting the opportunities or challenges ahead, it is nice to know that having an X sign in your palm suggests you can have great results to show for your efforts.