The letter X in the palm of your hand is found in only 3% of people, and if you are one of them, you should know that such a mark can say a lot. You should know that the letter X in the palm of your hand is a very rare occurrence, as every palmist knows.

Palmistry is an ancient art. The lines on the palms can tell a lot about a person – from a character description to career and even love forecasts.

The art of hand reading has been known since time immemorial, when people determined the fate, character and even the future of a person along the lines on the hand. Endless uncomplicated lines and dashes, each has its own deep meaning. By the hand, you can determine life expectancy, happiness in love, career success and financial well-being.

The famous Alexander the Great was very fond of this type of divination. The monarch himself interpreted the lines on his hand.

It is generally accepted that palmistry was officially discovered by the Indian Maharishi Valmiki, who wrote a book about this parascience. His work has been read by followers all over the world.

But we are not talking about that, because the letter X deserves special attention.

 History claims that Alexander the Great also had such a mark, perhaps that is why he was able to predict the future with a likely degree of accuracy and make the right historical decisions. At least that’s what many researchers think.

The Moscow Institute of STI conducted research on the mysterious letter X and its influence on the fate of a person.

After studying many such cases, the researchers came to the conclusion that the letter X is found on the palms of leaders with unique qualities that make them stand out from the crowd.

Usually these people get a lot of power in their hands. They are always lucky, and they know how to adapt to any circumstances.