Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit their royal roles to start a new life in the US, we haven’t seen much of Archie or Lilibet.

They are being raised pretty low-key to have a more private childhood than their cousins. While the Sussexes decided to keep their children out of the spotlight, their new Netflix show features some adorable insights about Archie, Lilibet, and the couple’s life in their coastal California home.

Archie’s first words

Harry revealed that along with ‘mama’ and ‘papa,’ his son’s first words were ‘grandma,’ and ‘grandma Diana.’ This may not seem surprising as there’s a picture of Princess Diana in the nursery, but a three-syllable ‘crocodile’ that was among Archie’s first words is quite impressive. Then, by the time he was a year and a half, Archie was putting two or three words together, singing songs, and saying ‘Drive safe!’ to anyone leaving the house. 

Archie loves homemade waffles and cakes

Another word Archie loves to say is ‘waffle,’ and since he wanted a waffle maker for Christmas, that’s what he got. So for breakfast, waffles with berries or jam are everyone’s favorite, and making them is part of the fun. Meghan and Harry have also shared a lovely Archie’s birthday party photo with a homemade cake topped with raspberries.

Enjoying reading together

Of the cute moments Harry and Meghan have shared, several include them reading books to their little ones, and according to Meghan, – the sweetest tradition I can think of But how many kids — royal or not – get the unique opportunity to read a book about themselves that’s written by their parents? When it comes to passing the love of reading to the children, Meghan Markle knows the best way to get them interested. Authoring the book, The Bench, Meghan captures the relationship between father and son with nods to the meaningful personal moments of their family and reflects a story that many readers can relate to.