Scott Haraguchi was out on the water in his kayak, filming his fishing fun on camera, when a giant tiger shark swooped through the water and attacked him off the coast of Hawaii. 

Breathtaking and terrifying footage captured when a giant tiger shark attacked an unsuspecting kayaker off the coast of Hawaii. 

The video shows the tiger shark lunging at Scott, opening its mouth, and crashing into his boat. 

He could be heard screaming in horror during the terrifying incident — but, thankfully, he survived to tell about it. 

Recalling the terrifying events in his interview, Scott said he heard a strange sound coming rapidly toward him. 

He added: “I looked up and saw a huge brown thing. My brain immediately thought it was a turtle, but then it hit me, and I realized it was a tiger shark.” 

The lucky man managed to escape by pushing the toothy predator away. 

Tiger sharks can grow up to 25 feet long, weigh up to 1,400 pounds, and are said to be responsible for more attacks on humans than any other species except great whites. 

But despite such a fearsome reputation, sharks rarely attack humans and prefer to feed on fish and marine mammals. 

Scott thinks the shark may have mistaken his kayak for a seal. 

This news comes after a heroic teacher “gnawed to death” by a shark warned others in the water that the monster was circling above him before attacking him. 

Forty-six-year-old Simon Baccanello surfed at Walker’s Rock near Elliston on Australia’s west coast on Saturday morning, May 13. 

Emergency services are still searching for Simon, but the result is not expected to be positive, as pieces of his wetsuit and part of his surfboard with bite marks have been found.