Using photos as proof, a groom used his wedding day speech to expose his bride’s affair with her best man. This was covered on the Unfiltered Bride podcast, and viewers were shocked by what they saw. 

The deceived groom brutally exposed his wife-to-be’s affair with his best man – during his wedding speech. 

The groom’s toast began like any other, but it soon took an unexpected turn. 

This dramatic story was told by The Unfiltered Bride host Georgie, who shared it with her co-host Beth on the latest episode of their podcast. 

In the video clip, which has garnered more than 74,000 likes, Georgie said: “There was a wedding, and they got married and had a beautiful ceremony and had a reception with drinks – sat down at the table, a little bit later the groom gets up and says, ‘Before I start my speech like I’m supposed to, you all have envelopes coming now, would you all please open them.’ Yes, these are pictures of the bride fucking the best man, so I’m going to leave now.” 

He dropped the microphone, and he and his whole family knew about it and left. Because they wanted the bride to pay for the food and the entire ceremony.” 

Shocked by this story, Beth asks: “Now the bride had to pay for everything?” 

Georgie replies: “The bride’s family paid for everything. Karma’s a bitch.” 

She then added in her post, “Karma’s a bitch, so is the best man!” 

TikTok viewers were stunned by the story and applauded the groom for his ploy in the comments. 

One social media user wrote, “It’s all about timing in life!!! What a legend!!!” 

Another added: “Imagine the rest of the guests just sitting there thinking, “So…is there going to be more cake or…” 

One concerned onlooker, however, asked: “But if they’re giving speeches at the reception, that means the ceremony has already taken place, and he married her…” 

To which someone replied, “I suppose he could easily have the marriage annulled because of evidence of infidelity.”