A Nigerian woman lost interest in her husband after he paid for her move to the U.K. Sharing her story on TikTok, Antonia Ogbewe revealed that the woman is twenty-eight years old and her husband is thirty-two. The woman said her husband told her she needed to study nursing in Nigeria and paid part of her tuition. The nurse added that he met her and her family’s needs and was responsible for her travel documents.  

In a heartbreaking account shared by a Nigerian lawyer, one woman confessed to her husband that she no longer felt the same love for him after he generously sponsored her nursing education in Britain. The woman expressed her desire to avoid a loveless marriage on social media, despite the unwavering and solid support and provision for her and her family. 

A lawyer used Twitter to share the story stating that the woman could not pinpoint the real reason for her change of heart. Nevertheless, she firmly expressed her reluctance to remain in a loveless marriage and sought advice from others. 

According to the lawyer’s tweet, the woman reported that her husband encouraged her to pursue a nursing career in Nigeria and partially funded her studies. In addition, he took responsibility for her and her family’s needs and even took care of her travel arrangements. 

It is clear from this account that the woman’s feelings toward her husband have undergone a significant change, despite his tremendous contributions to her education and overall well-being. She now seeks the advice and opinions of others on how to navigate her complicated emotions and the future of her marriage.


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