A man returned to his ex-girlfriend eleven years after he dumped her even though she was pregnant with his child. The girl’s friend, @Kylareetarh, shared the story on Twitter, saying that the man married after breaking up with his ex, but his new wife turned out to be childless.  

The girl shared her friend’s story, reacting to another woman’s story of stepping in to curse her ex.  

She wrote, “He left her pregnant; the funny thing is he is now married and has no children with his current wife. Now he’s decided to return to be a father to his daughter.” “Who does that?” She went on to say that a breakup can be traumatic in and of itself, and even more so when it comes to pregnancy. It’s not just a breakup in her situation. Do you know how traumatic separations can be, and even more so concerning pregnancy? Not only did she curse him, I’m sure the baby in the womb cursed him too. 

“Now he sends her toys and iPads. The one absent during the pregnancy didn’t have the bills he was paying.”  

It was previously reported that a man returned to his ex after leaving her. In a touching video that appeared on TikTok, he got down on his knees to beg the woman to come back. He said his marriage was complicated, and his wife still hasn’t gotten pregnant or had a baby.