“Good Morning Britain” viewers were stunned to learn the actual age of host Kate Garraway today. It happened when Kate returned to the program on Thursday, joined by co-host Ben Shepard. As it turned out while discussing the upcoming coronation of King Charles III, Ben made a joke before announcing what day it was, LiverpoolEcho reports. 

He said: “There’s so much preparation going on right now, organizing … Kate Garraway’s birthday.” 

He quickly added: “Oh, I think people are disappointed; they thought I was discussing the upcoming coronation.” 

Kate responded, “People keep saying, ‘Oh, we forgot.’ How long have I been on this show, and you still need to remember? Today is (also) Star Wars Day!” 

Ben asked Kate how old she was today, asking if she was fifty-nine. Kate replied, “I’d be proud if I were fifty-nine. Even though I’m only fifty-six.” 

In the GMB fan group, a Facebook user created a congratulatory post for Kate with a picture of the host. It read: “Happy fifty-sixth birthday, Kate. Many happy returns to television.” 

Other social media users also rushed to express their wishes and congratulations, with many being shocked by her age. One said: “Happy Birthday Kate, at fifty-six she never looked better than she does now” and another said: “Fifty-six??? She looks stunning.” 

Another user added: “More like forty-six, great looking Kate.”