The woman could not believe her eyes. Did someone want to do this? It wasn’t just her; it was the fact that this was happening to her dead son. How could they have taken something so precious that she had given him? 

Her husband was just as upset as she was. They needed to find out who did it. And they couldn’t believe it when they finally reviewed the footage on camera. 

Michael and Ellen Wright thought they were living the best life possible. They wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, and after they married and had two children, life seemed perfect. 

They couldn’t believe their luck when they found out they would have a third child. But things soon changed for the family, and not for the better. 

They waited until Ellen was three months pregnant to be sure and then announced it to their family. Everyone was pleased. But their happiness was not to last. 

After nine months of pregnancy, they sadly lost their unborn baby boy. They mourned him for several months and decided they would bury him with dignity, the way he deserved. 

Following burial traditions, they wanted to do everything right, spared no expense, and did everything as it should be. They made a plaque that said “Gabe Wright, son of Michael and Ellen Wright.  

They were at peace with what they had done for their son. 

Before inviting their children to honor their brother, Michael, and Ellen wanted to keep their child and be alone with him first. Each time they went to the cemetery, Michael replaced the old flowers with new ones. 

But Michael began to notice something was missing: the last week he visited them, the flowers started to go missing. They replaced them, but it was strange that they were missing from their son’s grave.  

Michael and Ellen noticed that every time they visited the grave, there were fewer of the gifts they had left. Even if Gabe could never receive them, his parents knew the love shown was more than enough. 

Michael and Ellen visited Gabe’s burial site at the cemetery every week. Now that they had spent some time alone, they could also bring their children with them. Even the family dog came to pay his respects. 

The kids put down some of their favorite toys to give to Gabe. They promised him they would return next week but did not expect to see him the next time. 

Ellen had a horrible picture in front of her: just a week ago, they had left dozens of gifts, but today it wasn’t like that. All the toys had disappeared somewhere. 

Ellen didn’t realize why they had disappeared; someone might have stolen them. She felt anger overwhelm her; she needed to find the person who had done this.

Michael assured Ellen that everything would be all right. They would do everything they could to get their son’s gifts back.  

The cemetery had no security cameras, so Michael would have to leave his setup to catch the burglar. 

But he didn’t want a thief or anyone else to see and steal his camera, too. Michael knew the only way to catch the criminal was to devise a cunning plan. 

Michael procured a small, unlit camera to attract the thief’s attention. He painted it brown and hid it in the bushes so no one would notice. Now all he had to do was wait. After waiting a week and watching the tape, Michael couldn’t believe what he was looking at. There was his son’s grave, and there was the culprit, the reason the toys and flowers were missing. And it wasn’t at all what he expected. 

Michael called Ellen to look at the records and confirm what he saw. She raced over there, eager to discover what had happened to the gifts they had left for her son. But she was not prepared for what she was about to see. 

The footage shows the dog rummaging among the toys on Gabe’s grave. Then calmly picks them up one by one. Ellen’s heart was torn at the sight. Was the dog living there on its own? They had to find out. 

Michael and Ellen returned to the cemetery the next day, and all the toys were gone. But the dog was nowhere to be seen. Forgetting their anger at the missing toys, they were determined to find her and help her if they could. 

Ellen began walking in a wide circle around Gabe’s grave. Suddenly she heard a noise. 

Walking around the stones in the older part of the cemetery, she saw a massive hole under one of the tombstones. 

From afar, it looked like the hole had been hollowed out, but some brown sand was still inside. Until she got closer and realized it wasn’t sand. 

The dog was crouching under a pile of earth that it must have dug itself. Seeing Ellen, the dog seemed petrified and became even more minor, climbing more profoundly into the hole. 

Ellen tried to get him out of the hole by whistling and calling him, but it was clear that the dog wouldn’t move. 

No one knew how long this poor dog had been there if he had had water or food. Maybe this dog, who had been stealing Gabe’s toys, was mourning his master. 

After a while, the dog seemed intrigued by Ellen’s soothing voice. She peeked out of the burrow briefly. 

But as soon as she climbed out, she immediately returned and checked something before going on. What was this dog hiding? 

When the dog cleared the way for Ellen and Michael to see what was inside the burrow, they could not believe their eyes. This dog wasn’t mourning its owner; it was protecting its babies! 

Stray Mama had a little cave under the gravestone filled with toys, and there were her puppies! Ellen could not believe what she was witnessing. This poor dog cared for her little ones and burrowed into what she thought was a safe place. She surrounded her pups with cozy toys and flowers, so she must have once been someone’s pet. Ellen and Michael knew they had to help her and were willing to do whatever they could. 

The puppies struggled to survive, so Michael took some dog food while Ellen waited with the dog and her pups. The puppies and their mother were starving. Ellen didn’t know how long this canine family had been without food and water. 

The dog was not afraid of Ellen now and even let her pet her. As soon as the pups smelled the food on the ground, most quickly ran up to her and pounced on the food.  

Some of the babies were too weak even to move. Ellen got scared for them and needed to call for help, so she pulled out her phone and called the center, which she knew was ready to help.

The local NSPCA immediately took them all in, and as soon as she realized they were all safe, mama dog fell into a deep sleep. 

The canine family had a safe place with warm beds, fresh water, and good food they could all eat. All the puppies received expert medical care; they were all healthy but still needed proper nutrition and rest before being put into the adoption program. 

The puppies’ bellies were growing, and their coats were shiny. Who knows what would have happened to these babies if it hadn’t been for Ellen and Michael? What about all the toys the dog stole? 

Ellen, Michael, and their kids picked out a few toys they wanted to return to Gabe’s grave but left everything else to the poor dog and her pups. 

The lonely mother dog was looking for the comfort and human companionship she found at Gabe’s resting place…just like the Wrights.