The lead singer of the 2000s rock band Crazy Town looks completely unrecognizable in a recent photo released by police, an image that went viral on social media. 

Forty-eight-year-old Seth Brooks Binzer, who performs under Shifty Shellshock, was arrested by police in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for drunken driving on April 25.  

The Butterfly hitmaker looked much worse in a photo taken by the police when they tested him for sobriety than when he was a fresh punk rocker.  

Seth was once widely known for his boyish looks and aesthetic, but in the photo, he looks drained and discouraged.  

Although his famous piercings remain, his face has changed over the years thanks to sprawling tattoos. 

A police report obtained by TMZ says that local cops pulled Binzer over after noticing him driving erratically down the road, wiggling in lanes, and pulling off the road in a black SUV. 

Binzer, whose struggles with addiction are well-documented, looked tired and slurred his words before failing a field sobriety test.  

The incident came just a week after Binser and fellow Crazy Town bandmate Bobby Reeves fought each other after a concert in Myrtle Beach.  

The altercation between the musicians stemmed from the band’s lead singer, Shellshock, who was not present for the rest of the show. 

In place of the absent Binzer, lead singer Reeves sang a song full of bloopers and angry words against Binzer, as seen in a clip posted by user TikTok. 

Binser eventually showed up to the concert, and in a clip posted on social media, he got into a heated discussion with Reeves, who was later seen to have a large black eye. 

The clip, published online by TMZ, shows the band members arguing backstage over money and repeatedly using physical force, with Reeves threatening Binzer’s family members. 

The conflict was cut short after Reeves punched Binzer, and the pair ended up lying on the ground. 

Band insiders told the publication that the conflict was a “fight between brothers,” but the pair have reconciled. 

Reeves confirmed this in a clip he posted to Instagram, showing off his black eye after the conflict. 

‘Shifty and I had a little bit of a fight, but it’s okay; we’re brothers,’ Reeves said. Love you all, love you and Shifty.” 

Last week, Binzer was involved in a fight with a sound man on stage during a concert in Jacksonville, North Carolina, which was posted on YouTube. 

He has spoken openly about his addiction problems, appearing on several seasons of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.   

The band is best known for their hit Butterfly, which spent two weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100 in 2001.