Former U.S. president’s wife, Michelle Obama, admitted to making her children cry in her shocking interview with Gail King. 

Former first lady Michelle revealed how her daughters Malia and Sasha cried when she had to take them out of the White House. Michelle explained that she allowed her daughters to spend one last night in the presidential home before the 2017 inauguration. But she had to get the teens up in the morning when U.S. President Donald Trump was ready to be sworn in as the new leader. 

Michelle told CBS: that she started asking the girls to get up and leave, but they didn’t want to do it. The daughters started crying. The Trumps were due to arrive soon, and Michelle didn’t want to come out and greet them with tears in her eyes because people might think she was crying for other reasons. 

The shocking revelation came as she confessed to the heartbreaking upbringing of her children. 

For eight years, the Obama family lived in the White House during Barack’s tenure as president of the United States. 

But speaking as part of an upcoming issue of British Vogue, Michelle opened up about how and where Sasha and Malia were during that period. 

She said her daughters Malia and Sasha are very different. 

One shares her innermost feelings, and the other prefers to let you figure things out for yourself. 

Neither approach is better nor worse because the girls have grown into intelligent, compassionate, and independent young women capable of forging their paths. 

Michelle added that she can’t control everything, no matter how hard she tries. 

Michelle Obama previously told Gail King on CBS that she and Barack could keep their girls grounded through their “normal” childhood without pathos. 

She said that during their time in office, her daughters were told to focus on where they were going and what they were doing, as their father played an important role. 

The fifty-five-year-old woman added: “Our focus was on getting them to do what they needed to do, which meant pretending that all the craziness around them wasn’t happening.”