The secret plan, dubbed “Noah’s Ark,” was to send Vladimir Putin to China, but the project’s executors decided against it, a former Kremlin insider said. 

Putin was a few steps away from putting his secret escape plan into action when Wagner’s group was about to approach the Kremlin, according to protocol drawn up by his entourage. The personal program, revealed by Putin’s former speechwriter Abbas Galliamov, was unofficially called “Noah’s Ark” and involved sending the despot and other high-ranking officials to South America during an emergency evacuation. Putin’s inner circle has reportedly begun making plans for an escape in the spring of 2022, considering several places to send the Kremlin elite. 

Galliamova, citing an anonymous “insider,” wrote in his Telegram channel that Putin’s inner circle first considered China. 

But he claims that the inner circle decided against it, fearing that “cooperation” from China was unlikely because “they despise losers” there. He also claims that the Russian political elite considered Argentina but abandoned the idea. 

The regime has reportedly focused its escape plan around Venezuela, Galliamova reports. 

Speaking of “Noah’s Ark,” Galliamov said: “As the name suggests, it’s about finding a new land to move to in case the situation at home becomes completely uncomfortable. The leader’s entourage does not rule out the possibility that he might lose the war and power and be forced to evacuate somewhere urgently. 

The plans for the bloody assassin’s escape are said to have been devised by oil baron and Kremlin ally Igor Sechin, the general director of Rosneft, and his close associate Yuri Kurilin, Sechin’s right-hand man at the company. 

The project is so advanced that Kurilin has reportedly resigned to help lead the work on the ground in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, as he says. 

Galliamova wrote: “He has officially resigned from Rosneft and is now fully committed to Noah’s Ark. 

He has U.S. citizenship and good connections. He graduated from Hayward University in California and has worked in BP structures, including a senior position as director of corporate affairs.” 

Telegram channel Mozem Obyasnit also reported details of Putin’s escape plan. 

The publication claims that high-ranking officials have begun buying real estate in Venezuela and are working on obtaining residency rights. 

One source also claims that some Russian officials have already purchased real estate on Margarita Island. 

It has also become known that lower-ranking Russian politicians are seeking residency permits in Ecuador, Paraguay, and Argentina. 

The Coup of the Wagner Group: A brief review of what happened in Russia on Friday, June 23. 

Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group, said Russian soldiers bombed Wagner mercenaries in Ukraine. Tensions between the Russian army and Wagner’s mercenaries had escalated for months, with Prigozhin, a vocal critic of Russian efforts in Ukraine. 

The mercenaries from the Wagner group had previously led the Kremlin’s efforts to seize the Ukrainian town of Bakhmut, where fighting between Ukraine and Russia had been raging for months, with high casualties reported on both sides. 

On Saturday, June 24, Prigozhin called for all to “march for justice” against high-ranking Russian military officials in Moscow, leading thousands of Wagner mercenaries toward the capital. Earlier, the group seized the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don, a key military and logistics center for the Russian army. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the movement an armed insurgency and threatened retaliation.

The march was eventually called off after an agreement was reached between the two sides. Wagner’s troops were withdrawn from Rostov-on-Don, the Kremlin said that criminal charges against Prigozhin would be dropped, and the Wagner leader agreed to move his private army to Belarus.