Everyone will want to have a table like this fun animal! 

Regarding the exciting world of TikTok animals, the possibilities are endless. A recent video showcasing this charm shows an adorable chipmunk enjoying an afternoon snack on a small picnic table.  

By “enjoying,” he means stuffing his tiny cheeks full of peanuts to the brim! This video from @hilly_and_the_chipmunks is sure to get you in the mood! 

A chipmunk with lightning-fast reflexes is just adorable! Perched on a dollhouse picnic table, this little guy will quickly run off a pile of peanuts, reminding us that sometimes the minor things bring the most joy. It’s hard not to smile at the sight of such a sight. 

But this adorable TikTok video also makes us think about creating a welcoming environment for wildlife in our backyards. Even the smallest gesture can make a big difference, and in this case, it all starts with a tiny picnic table and a handful of peanuts. 

To attract chipmunks to your yard, start by finding food sources. Nuts, seeds, berries, and fruit are all favorite treats of these cute little creatures. Creating a safe place for them to eat nuts, like our small picnic table, can be a fun project.  

Another way to make your yard more chipmunk friendly is to create dens. Piles of rocks, shrubs, or even a little hollow log can be the perfect hiding place for a chipmunk. Water sources such as bird baths or shallow dish tubs can also be a welcome addition for these creatures, especially during the hot summer months. 

Before you know it, you’ll have a chipmunk sanctuary in your backyard. While it won’t make you famous on TikTok, the joy of watching these tiny creatures enjoy their picnic spot is a priceless reward.

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