Have you ever had to react to a situation using what you call your sixth sense or intuition? Do you feel down in the company of some people, while in the company of others, you feel uplifted?  

If yes, you have already felt the power of your aura – the invisible field around each person, the integrity and health of which is the fundamental key to a happy and successful life. 

In this article, an energy healer trained in orthodox medicine and energy healing will talk more about this phenomenon. 

He says to think of your aura as a unique energy network that flows around and through us, influencing everything we feel and our personality. 


As an energy healer, your aura may still need to be tangible. And in this article, it will teach you how to work with your energy field. 

Try the following simple exercise: 

Rub your palms energetically against each other for 10-15 seconds. 

Then take your hands away from each other at a distance of about 10-15 cm and keep them in this position. At this moment, many people feel that their hands “hold” a ball filled with magnetic force and are surprised at how tangible it is. 

You can intensify this sensation by moving your hands slightly toward each other. 

What you feel is your aura! 


If you have recently learned to feel your aura, you may find it hard to believe that you can pick up the atmosphere of others. 

Each of us can sense the energies of others, which means we can all be influenced by the auric points of others – for both good and bad. 

If we are lucky, we have at least one friend who will light up a room as soon as they enter it. But we also know others who suck the energy out of everyone they meet and leave us devastated. 

This doesn’t just apply when emotions are running high. Every petty exchange – nagging, arguing, crossing wires during a typical day – can pollute your aura with bad energy and make you feel empty, irritated, or lethargic. 

You might be surprised to learn that rooms, like people, have an aura – and bad energy lurks in them like mold in the corner of a room. 

It feeds off our quarrels, dark thoughts, negative emotions, and bad vibes that we bring into the house.  

Your home’s energy also inherits the previous owners’ energetic imprint – their power and the significance of their lives. Often, without realizing it ourselves, we live in energetically dirty homes! 

Think about things like the pictures in your home. Do you like what you see? Do they evoke pleasant feelings in you? If there are pictures or photos on the walls that you don’t like or even make you feel a little unhappy every time you look at them, replace them with something more cheerful. 

Do the same thing with the television. If there is some depressing program on TV all the time, think about whether it makes you feel anxious, annoyed, or worried.

Add a little sparkle… 

For this exercise, choose a time when you will not be disturbed or interrupted. 

Imagine your home; enter the first room, and stand in the middle. Tune into the energy around you. 

Now imagine you putting your hand in your pocket and pulling out a handful of gold dust. Open your hand and blow the gold dust into the room. 

Now everything inside the room is shimmering with gold dust. 

Go through the entire house until you have cleared all the rooms. 

Trust your intuition. 

This is your first line of defense against energy vampires. When we enter a place with negative energy or make a toxic connection, our intuition sends a warning and gives us a protective signal, often through the body or senses. 

If you have a big fight with your partner and feel a genuine dislike for each other, with no chance of making up immediately, try to sleep in different rooms that night. 

A negative inner voice can be damaging. When we say, “I can never learn to do that,” or “That’s impossible,” we drain our energy. Use positive phrases such as “I intend to…” or “I am determined to try…”. 

Sometimes the attacks on your aura are more noticeable. If you feel drained after interacting with a specific person, they may be an energy vampire.  

Here are some of the most common energy vampires that you need to protect yourself and your aura from: 

The Manipulator 

This vampire can be very charming and charismatic, but be careful! They will tell you that they care about you and are always looking for ways to be helpful. But then they start to get too involved in your life. They will start taking charge, looking for problems, and telling you what to do about them. 

Paranoid Vampire 

This person is hypersensitive and continuously detects a hidden, negative meaning. They take everything personally, trust no one, and believe we all have some agenda. 

Gray Mouse 

They speak so quietly that you have to strain to hear them, and that’s how they get your attention. 

Once they have it, you realize they are always melancholy, and something is always wrong with them. 


When a chatterbox calls, you don’t know how to end the conversation as they keep coming up with something else to say. If you meet them on the street, you feel trapped and don’t know how to escape them. 

Look, but don’t touch. 

This person ensures that their appearance is invariably provocative, whether in short skirts, low-cut tops, or heavy makeup. They feed on attention and seek a reaction – good or bad. 

Wall of Protection 

We can’t always avoid these people, but we can learn to protect ourselves.  

If you are near a person who is provoking or energetically attacking you, imagine a wall between you, the side facing the person you are talking to is covered with a mirror so that they only see their reflection. Thus, any negative energy he projects will be reflected from him and not reach you.