Cleaning the toilet bowl is not our favorite thing to do. But as much as we don’t like it, it must be done often, and it’s best not to put it off to keep germs from spreading! Did you know that the toilet bowl is one of the dirtiest places in our house? The toilet bowl is home to thousands of bacteria that the naked eye cannot see. Therefore, it is essential to clean the toilet bowl regularly. Of course, we all prefer to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. A simple rag and vinegar can make this task much more accessible! 

The toilet is one of the most germ-populated places in the house, and not cleaning it regularly can spread harmful bacteria and viruses. Regular toilet bowl cleaning helps prevent mold, mildew, fungus, and other allergens that can cause respiratory illnesses and other health problems. If you used bleach to clean your toilet bowl in the past, there is absolutely no need to use this chemical now. Chlorine does not clean the toilet bowl at all and does not help fight the limescale. It is also very harmful to the environment and can harm your health.   

Put a rag soaked in vinegar in the toilet bowl and see what happens next! 

Putting a rag with vinegar in the toilet bowl is the best solution to limescale. Limescale dissolves in acidic liquids like vinegar, which is not the case with bleach. If you place a rag with vinegar in the toilet bowl, the acidic vinegar will slowly release from the rag and dissolve the lime scale. It is best to use toilet paper and soak it well in vinegar. This is a straightforward solution to clean your toilet bowl in no time! 

Here’s how it works. 

Take some toilet paper and soak it in vinegar. Then dip the tissue into the toilet bowl. Is there a visible scale in the toilet bowl? Then make sure the tissue covers that area. Leave the cloth in the toilet bowl for at least four to five hours without using it. It is most convenient to perform this trick at night, as we use the toilet much less frequently during the night. In addition, the vinegar will have time to soak in, and this way, you are guaranteed the best results. The following day, flush the toilet, and you’ll have a spotless toilet bowl!