I’m just a human being; please don’t mind me! 

Perhaps the person dressed in the grass just wanted to come to the costume event already ready to party, or he put on the grass to hide in it. Anyway, this picture looks very strange, scary, and funny at the same time. The face of the woman next to it expresses confusion and surprise as she tries to realize what is next to her. 

Indeed we would have the same expression on our faces! It may seem strange, but we can still enjoy a subway ride knowing that Sound Transit does not allow large animals and plants inside. So rest assured, it’s human! 

Dive in during the rush hour. 

Some days, finding a comfortable seat on the subway is like hitting the jackpot in the lottery. Besides, people rarely have the time and energy to argue, so we settle for what we have. This photo shows how people can be great strategists in tough times and during rush hours while commuting to work, among other things. 

It may have looked rundown, but no denying how funny and clever it can be! The woman looked tired of bumping into and fighting over the handrails on the subway, so she used a plunger to keep herself on the ground – which makes sense if you know how plungers work.

Perhaps the former US president wanted to stay out of the public eye. 

Many people may think that they look like a respected and famous person. In this case, just one look is enough, and this guy seems incredibly similar to former US President Barack Obama. In such a situation, strangers ask for autographs, and cameras are everywhere. 

That happened with this picture posted by one of the passengers on his Twitter. It even had the caption “Obama in twenty years” attached. But this man seemed to want to finish his subway ride quickly and head home from work. Or we suggest he try his hand at being an Obama impersonator! 

A glimpse from 2,000 years ago 

From an encounter with a grass-like creature to a glimpse of Barack Obama, the subway gets unexpected guests from time to time. This time we managed to see a lookalike of Jesus Christ. Although Jesus has been gone for over two thousand years, people still copy his appearance. 

This guy has successfully picked up a beard and hairstyle, and in his hands, he has something that we can assume is a Bible. Not every day; we see what Jesus was like two millennia ago. 

Cake on the go 

It may seem like a girl in a hurry to deliver a cake somewhere, but reality offers a cuter version of the truth. The girl is Bettina Banayan, a performance artist who has performed in the New York City subway several times. 

However, this day and moment was special because she didn’t just frost a cake but served it to the passengers riding the subway! The video was uploaded online and received positive feedback as it made the subway ride more enjoyable and friendly. Simple, but how to make the world a better place. 

A wig will never go wrong…  

Wigs have their advantages and disadvantages. They protect our hair from heat and artificial chemicals, but at the same time, they can cause severe damage to it. But what about a wig covering your whole face, like the girl in this picture? 

Perhaps she is protecting her face from heat and pollution, or she doesn’t feel comfortable showing off her features. Either way, seeing it match her accessories, outfit, and sneakers is fun! Way to go. 

New York City speaks for itself. 

The New York City subway system is among the most iconic metros, primarily because of its diversity, where people from all walks of life coexist. Here, for example, is a viral photo taken by one subway passenger in 2017, which he shared on his social media account Instagram.

In the comments, people said they didn’t see anything wrong with the photo. It’s even funny to see a Muslim woman and a drag queen sitting beside each other, minding their business. Soon after, the phrase “This is the future liberals want” was shared on Twitter as people began discussing respectful and diverse spaces as a necessary minimum for everyone.