Harry’s memoir, Spare, has been a big topic of conversation. Harry isn’t holding back.

Harry and William got into a fight in 2019. William knocked Harry to the floor and called Meghan Markle rude and abrasive.

Here’s a breakdown of everything Prince William has said about his brother, Harry, and a timeline of their royal rift over the last six years.

The royal brothers were known for being playful with each other in front of the press throughout their early years and into their 20s and 30s. Harry teased William about his receding hairline, and William joked about Harry being smaller.

The two brothers rarely made official statements, especially to the British press. But in 2016, that changed.

This was the year Harry started dating Markle. Racist and misogynistic comments were made against her in British tabloids. In November, Harry said that his girlfriend was being abused and harassed.

William released a statement, too. 

The brothers seemed united against the press, but this didn’t last long.

2017: William talks about how his mother’s death affected him and how he and his brother grieved in different ways.

William also talked about the time he and his brother Harry walked behind their mother’s coffin in the funeral procession. 

William said his mother’s death changed how he and his brother should act as adults.

Harry and Markle married in 2018. It was the last time William and Harry showed warmth to each other in public.

William made some jokes about being Harry’s best man.

By 2019, people were discussing Harry and Markle’s relationship with the royal family and the British press. Harry was asked about his relationship with his brother in the ITV documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey. Instead of ignoring the question, Harry seemed to confirm the rumors.

In 2020, Harry and Markle stopped talking to the royal family and moved to California. 

 William and Harry’s press secretaries released a joint statement, which was an effort to show unity when there was none.

The joint statement came after a tabloid report that Harry and Markle had been driven away from the royal family due to William’s bullying.

William didn’t comment when Markle spoke to Oprah about the alleged abuse by the royal family. He hasn’t commented on the Netflix documentary or Harry’s memoir.