In human emotions, jealousy can be among the most powerful, all-consuming, and hard to hide. Whether it’s a new relationship, a promotion, or something as simple as your friend grabbing the last piece of cake, jealousy occasionally catches up with all of us.

Why not me?

For all we know, it could be a novella. Drama, betrayal, passion. This little guy is very jealous and betrayed by those he trusted. Dogs are often very needy of affection from their owners, and this little guy couldn’t accept that his human’s attention went to another dog.

However, there’s no doubt that his owner got a lot of love, so hopefully, this pup was showered with his owner’s passion and quickly overcame his feelings of jealousy and betrayal. Don’t dogs deserve the same unconditional love they give us?

Eyes up

At one time, Sophia Loren was an actress known for her stunning beauty, and Jayne Mansfield was known for her beauty and…. other virtues. Despite what this photo tells us, both were highly talented actresses who actually got along well with each other. Lauren’s interview revealed that she thought the way she looked but was still happy to have Jayne Mansfield sitting at her table.

Lauren had nothing to be jealous of, as she was not only known for her beauty but also knew how to hold her own on-screen and later became the more respected of the two. However, this photo shows a hint of green on her face as she looks at Mansfield.

That should have been me

Most of us have had moments where we feel perpetually discouraged and defeated. For track and field athletes, these feelings can occur frequently as they put everything they have into their training and fail, sometimes multiple times. If ever there was a picture to convey envy, this is probably it.

Professionals Andrew Murray and Novak Djokovic have faced each other multiple times at the Australian Open. The third time they competed against each other, Djokovic claimed his third victory. And as he stood with the trophy in his hands, photographers noticed a look of outright envy on Murray’s face.

Is he a captive audience?

It can be lovely and reassuring when the person you love is jealous of someone they think is trying to steal you away. But that jealousy can quickly get out of control. Buddy, blink twice if you need help. Help is on the way.

One girl decided she needed to get her boyfriend a t-shirt with her face on it. And not just for fun, but with a special message for all the girls who want to steal their man. Judging by the look on her boyfriend’s face, such a gift was not on his wish list. Of course, it was a prank, but we’d like to see the reaction of passersby to this sight.

The color green

In this family photo, a little girl showed off her actual color (which looked green) in a classic case of sibling rivalry. It’s quite a comical sight: everyone around is smiling happily and peacefully, and the little girl looks like she’s about to take revenge on her little sister.

It’s unclear if she was annoyed at her sister that day or had been holding back her jealousy for a long time. Soon, her mom intervened. Perhaps this photo didn’t make it onto the Christmas card that year.

Feathered friends

This list includes dogs and cats who are jealous of each other, other people, and even machinery, but here is an example of a bird stealing its owner’s affection. Chihuahuas are known to be very temperamental (no matter how much their owners assure them that they are lovely and that THEY are different), so stealing attention is not something they take lightly.

Chihuahuas don’t take anything lightly at all. This chihuahua doesn’t like that its owner’s feathered friend is taking all the attention. He’s carefully assessing the situation, and a confrontation may be imminent!

Stuck in the middle

Another example of new sibling jealousy could lead to a family feud. The older brother is delighted and enamored with the newborn he holds in his arms, while the second born (now middle child) beside him looks less enthusiastic.

He looks unfortunate! But after a few months, he will realize that his new sibling is another family member to love and will love him back. Moreover, being the middle child has its advantages. You can get away with a lot and play the “middle child syndrome” card anytime.


This manifestation of jealousy is so subtle that it may not be noticed at first. A closer look may reveal an adorable new fluffy puppy being photographed by its owners, but if you look closely, you may see something else. This is where a battle of the furries unfolds—one round cat, who has lived here for a long time, versus one fluffy puppy.

A jealous kitten can be seen in the corner of the hallway. He even seems to be up to something. He’s probably getting used to the new puppy in the house, but the owners should keep an eye on him!

Hustling for muscle

People may often not realize it, but even those who look super fit and trim at the gym require much work and dedication to maintain their physique. And it’s unclear whether the man in this photo is jealous or afraid.

He may be thinking about how he looked at the same age. When you have a man sitting next to you who can break you like a toothpick, it distracts you from quiet sports. One thing is for sure: he can’t take his eyes off the bodybuilder sitting in front of him. We can only hope he’s just inspired!

Welcome to the world

Have you ever encountered a greeting that wasn’t too warm? As luck would have it, this newborn doesn’t see his big sister’s disapproving gesture, but it’s safe to say she’s not thrilled with the newest member of her family. When a new sibling arrives in the house, children have difficulty – they no longer get their parents’ undivided attention.

Her jealousy is impossible to ignore (although Mom and Dad don’t seem to notice it). As siblings get older, jealousy between siblings is almost inevitable and is part of the family dynamic, but it usually passes with time, relationship development, and parental support.