“Le Coup de Foudre”

It’s not for nothing that they say opposites attract each other, and in this drama, it’s true. “Blow for Glory” tells the story of Zhao Qiao Yi (Wu Qian) and Yan Mo (Zhang Yu Jian), two very different high school students who find themselves roommates as a result of a random seat assignment. Gradually but surely, they become friends and eventually fall in love. The movie unfolds from their college years to their current day-to-day lives as a married couple, never ceasing to wonder how they got to this life. Just two awkward classmates taking an interest in each other, spending their youth together, and creating memories and friendships that will forever remain in their lives.

Meanwhile, Hao Wuyi (Ma Li), Qiao Yi’s best friend, and Zhao Guan Chao (Zhao Zhi Wei), her brother, cause laughter with their casual interactions as the former is secretly in love with him and the latter only sees her as his best friend-sister. The plot of this C-drama is exciting and told freshly and engagingly, making you root for both couples and shed tears while learning about their incredible stories.

“A Love So Beautiful”

Confessing your love to a dazzling and intelligent guy can be challenging, primarily when, like Chen Xiao Si (Shen Yue), you work up the courage to get a brutal rejection from a young man as indifferent as Jiang Chen (Hu Yi Tian). Having been a neighbor from a very young age, she does not give up hope that she can win the heart of this cold young man. The girl continues to try to get closer to him and attract his attention, even if she has some problems.

Soon, Jiang Chen opens his heart to the cute, cheerful girl who has always followed him, helping them experience healthy love. However, life separates them, and Jiang Chen will fight for Xiao Xi’s passion to see if it is their destiny always to be together.

“My Little Happiness.”

As a child, Wen Shao Qing (Tang Xiao Tian) met Kong Rong (Xing Fei), and they promised to meet again in a place only they knew about. But while Shao Qing keeps her promise close to her heart, it’s a different story for Kong Rong, and she has to go against her mother’s wishes to fulfill her dream.

While working hard to become a lawyer and hide the truth from her mother about returning to her homeland, Kong Rong doesn’t think about her old childhood friend, who has become a famous surgeon. On the other hand, Shao Qing had little to worry about until he was confronted that his first love didn’t remember him. As luck would have it, chance is on his side: they end up as neighbors. For fans of very romantic series where the couple is not afraid to show affection, this drama C is for you.

“A Little Thing Called First Love.”

With love, you can move mountains, and for Xia Miao Miao (Zhao Jin Mai), that mountain is none other than the entrance exam to the university where her longtime love, Liang Yu Nian (Lai Guanlin), is studying. Since a long time ago, Miao Miao and Yu Nian have been friends. To the girl, he is the perfect high school student who always helped her and inspired her to be a better person, so it’s no wonder she fell head over heels in love with him. In Yu Nian’s case, even though Miao Miao can be called an ugly duckling, to him, she is a kind and sweet girl who gradually wins his heart, and eventually, their love begins with a sincere confession from both sides.

However, these two young people must be persistent and patient with themselves and their feelings to eventually see their happy ending. In this adaptation of the iconic 2010 Thai film, you can learn more about the sweet and innocent love story of Miao Miao and Yu Nian, her inner and outer transformation, and every step they take toward their dreams.

“Suddenly This Summer.”

As mentioned above, first love can be pretty painful, especially if there are disappointments and broken promises between relationships. He Luo (Bu Guan Jin) and Zhang Yuan’s (Bai Yu) acquaintance during their high school years starts differently. But quickly overcoming their differences, they discover they have more in common than they first thought. Their friendship is filled with laughter, understanding, and support for each other, so much so that Zhang Yuan helps He Luo get into the prestigious university he’s been dreaming of. However, when Zhang Yuan loses his chance to get into that university and ends up in two cities far from each other, they are heartbroken for the first time.

Although they both keep a positive attitude, coming to terms with their new long-distance relationship, they gradually drift apart until, in a heartbreaking and tearful scene, they decide to end their romance. Years later, when they meet again, they must decide if their love is stronger than the regrets and pain they have endured. The 2018 drama is full of feelings, emotions, and, of course, drama, perfectly conveyed in every scene and even in the original soundtrack, which features a song performed by the main character, Bai Yu.