Soprano singer Lee Sang-eun was supposed to wow fans with her performance but bid farewell to the world right before the show. She passed away on July 6, and an investigation into her death is underway. The famous singer reportedly died in the women’s restroom minutes before her performance.

According to koreaboo, a staff member at the event discovered Sang Eun’s lifeless body and reported it to the police. The News1 report quotes the staff member as saying, “Lee Sang Eun was supposed to go on stage, but she was not backstage. Looking into the restroom, I found her lying on the floor.”

An investigation has now been launched into Lee Sang Eun’s death, with police investigating the circumstances of her death. There are reportedly no suspicions of foul play.

A beloved singer, Lee Sang Eun graduated from Seoul National University and received her master’s degree from the Mannes School of Music in New York.