In an interview with 8, the 29-year-old, who interned at YES 933 only to “have one foot in Mediacorp” and fulfill her dream of becoming an actress, talks about her career and how one revealing outfit got her in trouble with her boss.

The girl told us the whole story of her family.

Her mom worked in a book company. ” However, with the advent of the digital space, things went bad, so she changed jobs and tried something new, which I think is great!” she says.

Dad works as an operator for a plastics company and has held the same position since she was four years old.

She is the middle child with a younger brother and an older sister.

As for her personal life? Are her parents rushing her to settle down?

Her parents know that I like to take things into my own hands in my spare time.

We also wanted to know how Hazel got into show business—her origin story.

” After graduating from Jurong College, I decided to join NUC. I liked the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences because they study theater arts there. I have wanted to be an actress since I was 14 years old.”

Although Hazel’s major was Theatre Arts, she took a module in Communications and Media and “fell in love with it.”

A young 22-year-old Hazel at The Sound Makers competition in 2016.

How did your dream of becoming an actress come true?

I had a role model.

Then I worked at McDonald’s. I was making fries one day, and I said to my coworker, “One day, I want to be an actress and be like Rainey Young.”

That’s when I joined a Facebook group called Casting Singapore. Production companies that need extras post their requirements, and those interested can apply. You will be lucky to get at least one out of the fifty resumes sent.

My most memorable experience was when I acted in the SG 50 movie Seven Letters. It’s an anthology movie, and I played the role of GPS in it, based on a short story by Calvin Tong. Guess who my parents were? Hong Huifang and Zheng Gueping! It was the first time I performed with them.

You mentioned Jie Liang; many of your listeners enjoy watching the two of you…..

(Laughs) People come to me with two questions: is Jie Liang gay? To which I say no. Then they ask: Are you together?

It’s so funny because we have a unique on-air chemistry even though we’ve only been working together for three months. After hours, we’re friends and talk about our problems at work, relationship problems, our families, tattoos…. whatever.

Do you make time for yourself?

Everyone thinks I do many things during the day, but do you know where I save time? I don’t have to play, I don’t have to entertain, I don’t have to go to clubs. That saves a lot of time. When I get home, I sleep, wake up, and go to work.

Activities are so integrated into my life that I play and work simultaneously.

When did you move out of your family home?

When my house was renovated in July 2021 under the government’s capital improvement program, we couldn’t use our bathrooms, and they put portable toilets in the vacant lot. I was still on the night belt then, and my mom said it was too dangerous to come back at midnight and shower downstairs alone.

Now I live in a rented room by myself. All I have is a refrigerator, a desk, a bed, a closet, and a toilet. That’s it. It’s a small space. My house is like a hotel; I sleep and go (laughs).

Do you read the hateful comments against you?

I see them. [Tom Holland, Hollywood star] once said something that hurt me. “If you have a problem with me, text me and tell me about it. If you don’t have my number, you don’t know me well enough to have a problem with me.”

Hate comments are one thing, but how you perceive them is another. Fortunately, I was born positive and happy, and things like this don’t hurt me. But if someone thinks this news [about me] isn’t worth paying attention to or thinks I’m attention-seeking, isn’t it more accessible to brush it off than to write a post?