Wrap aluminum foil around your feet, and you’ll get this result in a few hours! 

We are sure you are familiar with aluminum foil. Most people use it in the kitchen, but not many people would think of wrapping their body parts with it. It may seem strange, but aluminum foil is an excellent remedy for everyday ailments.

Useful properties

When wrapping your body parts with aluminum foil, you can get a lot of advantages and benefits. For example, it is great for relieving fatigue and joint pain, soothing pain from burns, and even treating colds.

There are many valuable uses for aluminum foil that you may have yet to realize.

Do you need a funnel and need one at home? Don’t worry: folding aluminum foil can easily make a funnel that won’t leak. Perfect!

If you need to iron your clothes and don’t have time, aluminum foil is the perfect solution. Spread your clothes around a piece of foil and then iron them. Because of the foil, the clothes will be ironed on both sides simultaneously. You’ll finish the job much faster!

Dull scissors? No problem. Using aluminum foil, your scissors will be sharp and beautiful before you notice it. All you have to do is take a piece of foil and cut it into small pieces. That’s it!

Static electricity sticking to your clothes can be very unpleasant. But luckily, there is a quick and easy way to solve this problem. You have to crumple the foil into a ball and rub it on your clothes. The static cling will disappear.

Have a weak WiFi signal at home? Make a screen out of aluminum foil and put it against the wall where you want to boost the signal. The call will strengthen in the direction of the screen.

Back to the feet! 

Nasty runny nose

Get rid of a cold in record time! How? Remove five to seven sheets of aluminum foil and wrap your feet with them. Leave them on for about an hour. Then remove the foil, let your feet breathe for an hour, and then cover your feet again. Repeat this procedure every night. In as little as two nights, you will notice a difference!


If you wrap your joints with a sheet of aluminum foil, it will also help with pain. You can use a bandage to make the foil stick well. Wrap the foil around the painful joint before bed, and do not remove it at night. Do this for seven nights.


The following tip is excellent for when you are suffering from fatigue. To do this:

Put a few sheets of aluminum foil in the freezer for 2-4 hours.

Place the sheets on your face, particularly on your eyelids and cheeks.

Get comfortable, and you will start to feel the relaxing effects of the aluminum foil. While we have yet to try it ourselves, we’ve heard from many people that it works!

So it’s worth a try.

But while aluminum foil can help relieve everyday pain, it should never be a substitute for professional medical care. Be sure to consult your doctor before resorting to any home remedies, and continue to take any medications your doctor recommends.

Watch the video and find out what else aluminum foil can do for you: