Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figurines from the 1980s

In the late 80s, these four amazing turtles became very popular.

They also became popular collectibles, and you could buy all sorts of merchandise to go along with them: figures, comics, and more. If you are among the lucky ones with a figure or lunch box saved somewhere, you can sell them online and quickly earn $600 a piece. You can earn up to $5,000 if you have a rare item. 

Mario Kart 64

Possessing a Super Mario Kart cartridge in perfect condition that still works and has no scratches can earn you a lot of money. Having such a cartridge and looking online to see how much it costs, you can quickly make $750! Cool, okay, now we need to look for these cartridges, guys!

Vintage Lego sets

You can expect to pay next month’s rent once you find a set like this that has never been opened and has all the parts.

For example, the 2015 limited edition Lego H.C. Anderson “Bumbling Hans” was distributed to about 80 Lego heads. If you bought one of these, you could sell it for $2,000!


In 2016, a set of six holographic figures from “Jurassic Park,” including the prison, sold for (look it up) $1 million. The complete set, minus the hologram and clapper, can go for a couple of thousand.


It will only occur to people to consider your pet in a plastic container if purchased within the last 5-10 years. But an original Tamagotchi (the rarer, the better) is a different story. Even a cursory browse of eBay shows that some can sell for $40 and others for $2,000!


Old and rare stamps (or better yet, their original sheets) are highly sought after, and collectors can pay a very high price for them. 2016, for example, a sheet of Bugs Bunny 1997 stamps sold for $90. In 2019, another set of stamps featuring the baby duckling sold for almost $1,000!


Original vintage Trolls from the early days are highly sought after by collectors today and sell for $500 and up. Having one of these favorite vintage dolls is a nostalgic treasure and a testament to their enduring charm.

Littlest Pet Shop toys

Imagine, in 2010, lucky attendees of the legendary Comic-Con festival received these unusual feline characters as exclusive gifts.

Little did they know that the value of these tiny wonders would skyrocket. The cost of some of these rare feline superheroes has reached 900 dollars! This is a testament to their uniqueness and the desire of collectors to add these miniature heroes to their collections.

Ghostbusters figurines

The Ghostbusters toys that accompanied the franchise caused a particular stir. Who would think of collecting miniature versions of Ecto-1, Slimer, and the iconic Proton Packs?

Thanks to the nostalgia factor, these toys have become valuable collectibles. Today, a well-preserved Ghostbusters collection can fetch much money, varying prices depending on rarity and condition.

Vintage Marvel Superhero Figurines

From Captain America’s noble courage to Thor’s formidable strength, these characters are woven into the fabric of pop culture, inspiring generations of fans to believe in the extraordinary. Whether you discovered them through movies or TV shows or have been a devoted fan of their comic books, the world of superheroes remains a fascinating realm of thrilling heroism and boundless imagination.