Belonging to the heirs to the throne may seem glamorous, but the “before” and “after” for royal children is not as easy as it looks. They must follow strict protocols, dress codes, and rules for the rest of their lives unless they exit abruptly like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The rigorous, serious training begins at the age of two.

Royal children learn many customs during childhood, and curtsying to the sovereign is just one of them. Etiquette training can begin as early as two years old! They must know how to behave publicly and observe all the formalities when greeting different people.

Royal children are not allowed to eat the same food as ordinary children

As it turns out, royal children are prohibited from eating processed or packaged foods.

The Queen banned children from playing Monopoly because they were arguing too much.

Usually, children play all sorts of games, including board games, but there is one that is banned. It’s the board game “Monopoly!” This game has been the cause of many quarrels in the royal family.

Girls must only wear knee-length dresses.

They must behave decently in public.

Royal children will one day become rulers and take the throne, so even as children, they are expected to behave well.

Young children are expected to participate in even the most boring activities.

Younger royal children don’t have as busy a schedule as their parents and older royals, but they are still required to attend various events. In particular, Princess Charlotte and Prince George have repeatedly gone on official royal tours with their parents.

Young princesses are allowed to wear tiaras once they are married.

You may associate a princess with a tiara, but that’s not quite the case in the British royal family. Only the married can wear a tiara.

All royal children must wear this 19th-century dress

Of course, one of the first events a royal child must participate in is baptism. A tradition of the royal family since the time of Queen Victoria is to christen a child in an Honiton christening gown.

Little royal family members must greet the audience with a unique wave.

One of the little gestures that cannot go unnoticed is the Windsor wave. As a small child in the family, you are already taught to use this wave when greeting the public. This is to avoid hurting your hand, as the constant hand waves can strain your wrists.

They are expected to know several languages.

Most royal babies are expected to learn multiple languages in addition to English.

The birth of a royal baby must be announced publicly.

Once a royal baby is born, the expectation is constant. To let the public know how the birth went, the baby’s name, and gender, a plaque is posted outside Buckingham Palace announcing this. From then on, the rules remain unchanged.