A woman was left baffled after discovering three tiny bean-shaped objects in her bathroom.

While cleaning the bathroom, the woman noticed the unusual objects and took to Facebook to ask for feedback, unable to determine what they were.

In response, she received a variety of guesses, from larvae to sultanas – different from the sort of thing you want to mistake for something else.

Responding to the post, one person said they “look like someone’s plaques have fallen off.” OK, but I can see the resemblance.

Someone suggested: “It looks like what appears in a diaper if you overeat sultanas.” However, the woman confirmed that no children were in her home then.

Others believe it could be sausages in the skins, toenail clippings, or even live slugs, but the woman doesn’t think this is true. I have a hard time imagining a scenario where a sausage in the skin would end up in someone’s bathroom.

The girl explained, ” They are much, much smaller than that,” and added, “Google image search didn’t help. I think they’re windblown.”

Many people decided that these strange shapes could be insect larvae and shared similar pictures found on Google.

After doing some research, she decided this was the most likely version.

” I subsequently discovered (and killed) three large black ants wandering around the area of my bathroom window at different times,” she wrote.

” Thus, with the help of club members, I concluded that they were ant pupae.”

Ants undergo a four-stage life cycle that takes several weeks and begins with an egg.

The girl turned to Facebook to get people’s opinions. Credit: Facebook

According to askabiologist.asu.edu, if these eggs survive, they develop into a “worm-like larva with no eyes or legs.”

When the larva becomes large enough, it turns into a pupa.

During this “resting and reorganizing” stage, “pupae look more like adults, but their legs and antennae are attached to their bodies.”

They are initially pale in color but later turn darker, and some ant species weave a cocoon for protection.

After maturation, the pupa develops into an adult ant. Supposedly, they leave their cocoons in people’s bathrooms to confuse them.