In a court hearing in Nevada, the last words of legendary rapper Tupac Shakur, fatally wounded by gunfire on September 7, 1996, have been read out.

Many conspiracies have surrounded Tupac in the hip-hop world over the years, including the suggestion that he wasn’t dead. However, recently, someone was arrested for his murder, and in September, a grand jury handed down an indictment against Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis.

At last month’s grand jury hearing, evidence was heard, including testimony from rapper E.D.I Mean (real name Malcolm Greenidge) was in the car behind Tupac at the time of the shooting.

At the time of the shooting, Shakur was leaving Mike Tyson’s boxing match at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas with Death Row Records label boss Suge Knight in the car.

The car stopped at a red light when he was shot several times, including in the chest.

Tupac was rushed to the hospital but died six days later from his wounds, and the court heard from Greenidge, who was in the car behind Tupac, what the rapper’s last words to him were.

Clark County Nevada’s Eighth Judicial District Court documents show that Greenidge testified that after the shooting, he approached Tupac’s car to see his condition.

According to the rapper, Tupac told him, “Get down on the ground; they’re going to shoot you.”

He said this was a hint to police officers who would arrive on the scene to respond to the shooting, and when the rapper looked back, he saw a gun pointed at him by a police officer.

In response, Greenidge said he complied with the officer’s instructions to get down and said Knight called for paramedics to check Tupac’s condition.

A grand jury heard Tupac’s last words when deciding whether to indict him for his murder. 

Keef’s attorney says he plans to plead not guilty to Tupac’s murder.

Previously, Tupac’s fiancée Kidada Jones said she remembered her last minutes with him in the hospital.

At the hospital, she said, she was handed his bloody clothes and told Tupac, “Do you know I love you? Do you know we all love you?”.

According to her, Tupac nodded to her, after which he went into convulsions and fell into a coma.

He was only 25 years old at the time of his death.