Only recently, Tom Cruise has been spotted trying to woo Shakira himself. However, stories of the actor trying to date women have always been bizarre. Several actresses have already admitted to feeling like they were auditioning to be his new girlfriend or life partner at some point. Considering that he is currently the face of Scientology, it is inevitable that Tom Cruise will try to convert any woman he dates to that church. Radar Online reports that Tom Cruise is still searching for his new perfect woman, but it will be challenging with a backstory like that. Only a few women will find it attractive to belong to this church.

For Tom Cruise, one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, it is thought that finding the perfect woman will not be that difficult. Tom Cruise has been married or in relationships with other movie stars throughout his life. At the top of the list is Mimi Rogers, Tom’s first wife. Following her came Nicole Kidman, who became one of the most famous duos in the movie industry. Last but not least was Tom Cruise’s marriage to Katie Holmes, from which he had a daughter, Suri. But in the end, none of his relationships worked out; they divorced him for unknown reasons. There are better examples of meeting new people.

Tom Cruise might “tone it down a bit.”

Radar Online claims to have spoken to an insider who knows about the actor’s affairs. According to this person, Tom Cruise’s friends ask him to be less intense with women. At the same time, they recognize that Cruise is naturally very fierce. Curiously, one of the most beloved movie stars in history is unfortunately struggling to find love himself. Hang in there, Tom; the right girl has yet to be found!