Members of the royal family are some of the most famous and revered people in the UK. They are called upon to promote humanitarian causes, keep the people in good spirits, and represent the UK. Despite all their glamor, luxury, and upscale behavior, we sometimes forget that all members of this family are human.

Middleton is tough to relate to out of the entire family because she is beautiful, graceful, and married to a prince. As proof of how human Kate is, we’ve compiled some of the less-than-flattering moments from the Princess of Wales’s life.

It’s yummy time.

If the Princess of Wales takes the time to savor a piece of fruit, everyone freezes and takes notice. Prince William and other passersby were eagerly waiting for her reaction.

You can practically see the excitement on William’s face as he anticipates his favorite wife’s reaction to the tasting. As usual, Kate looks lovely, and the UK flags in the background certainly contribute to the atmosphere.

Incorrect pose

While attending the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 in London, Kate never thought this photo would be in the news. She probably stepped on something and wanted to check it out. Unfortunately, here’s the result.

Next time you check the soles of your shoes, watch your hand position, and don’t do as Kate did. 

Happy Daughter

Kate loves spending time with her royal daughter in her spare time. Babies sometimes have bad moods, and no one better than a loving mother can calm this little girl down.

But the photographer, unfortunately, managed to take a couple of shots before the mother could fully comfort her tired child, and this shot will forever be remembered.

Quick, William, hide me from Merkel

Angela Merkel, former German Chancellor and ex-Democratic Union leader, can be intimidating. She is very stoic and boisterous, which explains why Kate hid behind William.

Extreme Laughter

With teeth like Kate’s, we’d laugh heartily all the time, too! The beautiful royal lady is seen in a pretty dress with naturally wavy hair. At least, that’s what she wants us to believe.


The picture was taken when men’s tennis player Novak Djokovic defended his 2019 Wimbledon title against Roger Federer. The look on Kate’s face is completely stunned by what she saw, which makes sense.

However, this facial expression didn’t work in Kate’s favor as it made her neck muscles tense up just as the photo was taken.

A little more than usual

Kate looks a million miles away from all the royal photos in the following image. It’s a photo taken before she was the future Queen of England and on days when she allowed herself to drink a little more than usual.

Surprise surprise surprise

We wish we knew what Kate was saying then, or conversely, what she saw that made her adopt such an inexplicable facial expression. Had she learned that the paparazzi photographers were around, she might have made an extra effort to look her best, even when surprised.

An iconic moment in the movie

The moment her Emilia Wickstead dress ripped in a gust of wind in front of a crowd of people, Kate Middleton saw herself through Marilyn Monroe’s eyes. The moment took place at the National War Memorial in India.

10 Little Piggies

Every woman who has ever worn heels for more than a few hours knows the discomfort they can cause after a full day on her feet. For this reason, at a wedding or other places where everyone is dancing, ladies usually take off their shoes by the end of the evening. Kate may not have intended to dance, but her poor feet no longer stand in those pointy-heeled shoes.