In the Netflix documentary Beckham, the soccer player and his “peppery” wife have opened up about David having an affair with Rebecca Loos.

Both David and Victoria have denied the allegations of an affair. At the same time, Loos said after watching the movie that “he needs to take responsibility” and complained that he was “playing the victim and making me look like a liar.”

In an interview with the Mail on Sunday, Loos stated that she did have an affair with Beckham and did not like the way he talked about it in the documentary.

” In my opinion, it’s one thing to keep your private life to yourself. It’s quite another to mislead the public. And so many people have left it all behind,” she said.

” So many people have put it all behind them, the whole affair and the scandal and everything else. And he brought it up again in a way that affected my reputation.”

Representatives for David and Victoria Beckham said the alleged affair never happened. 

If he were going to touch on that time and its difficulty, it would have been perfect if he had said: ‘It wasn’t my proudest time.’

Among her grievances, she mentioned a six-word text message from Beckham, which she said was the start of her problems.

Following his move from Manchester United to Real Madrid, she was tasked with working with Beckham and his family.

According to Loos in an interview with Mail, Victoria Beckham’s assistant told her to only talk to Victoria and not David, after which the soccer idol started texting her anyway.

She said: ” It was house-related – pool, gym, or whatever – and let’s say David wanted A and Victoria wanted B”.

Rep. Rebecca Loos said David texted her after she was told to only communicate with Victoria. 

” Then Victoria’s assistant called and said: “Victoria wants you to speak directly to her and not David.

” And then David started texting me. When I told him I had been instructed not to talk to him about it, he replied, ‘We don’t have to tell anyone.'”

Loos said she gained support after releasing a book about Beckham, which she initially thought would focus only on his soccer career and not his personal life.

While many criticized her on social media, others stood up for her, saying it’s been 20 years since the alleged affair and those who want to blame her should “leave her alone.”