Everyone has experienced family feuds, but this guy’s sisters have risen to the occasion.

A man named Callum revealed that his sisters told his parents that he had passed away to settle a score in an argument.

The unhappy mom and dad thought he had been underground for six months because of his sisters’ outrageous fabrications.

He told New Zealand’s ZM Radio about how his parents thought he had risen from the dead when he finally made contact. You can hear this completely wild story here:

In the newly released clip, hosts Carl Fletcher, Vaughn Smith, and Hayley Sproull couldn’t keep their jaws off the floor while listening to this twisted story.

Callum beat the other callers with his wild story when he called in during a segment where listeners were asked if they had ever been presumed dead.

He said: ” It’s entirely possible that I was considered dead, buddy.

” At the time, my sisters were at odds with my parents, and they didn’t get along with each other.

” I was living in Wellington then, and they were in Christchurch. Eventually, my older sister called my parents and told them I was dead.”

The opening sentences stunned the presenters, but the story became increasingly surprising from there.

Callum’s story visibly stunned the radio presenters. Credit: 

Callum claimed that his vengeful sisters had informed his parents that he was dead and buried and that his ex-girlfriend’s parents didn’t want them to attend his funeral.

Noticing that Callum was stunned by the layered lies, Vaughan said: ” You know what! I want to say this in the most excellent way possible, Callum….. your sister sounds like a crazy bitch.

“No offense. Your sister sounds like a top-level, red-flagged crazy b**ch!”

Intrigued by the dramatic details, the presenters asked why Callum hadn’t spoken to his parents for six months.

He hilariously replied, ” I’ve just been busy with life and work, and then I thought, ‘Hang on, I haven’t heard from my parents for a while; I wonder what’s going on?

‘ I called them, and my mom and dad said, “Are you alive?

‘ My mom was in tears, and my dad was just dumbfounded – he was like, ‘What the f**k is going on?

Vaughn Smith himself called the call the “wildest” call they had ever received. 

The studio members laughed as he casually recounted a phone call that would have been enough to drive his parents to their graves.

Carl, Vaughan, and Haley then questioned the caller about why his parents had accepted the news of his passing without question.

” To my knowledge, they were running around to other relatives and asking if they had heard anything,” he explained.

” Then they didn’t know anything, so my parents just assumed, ‘Yeah, he’s dead.'”

And if you think his sisters’ atrocities couldn’t get any worse, that’s what it was.

Callum revealed they told his parents he had been stabbed to death.

Vaughan added: “Wait, wait, you’ve been murdered?

Callum said his parents were “over the moon” when they found out he was alive. 

” You weren’t killed in an accident; someone killed you! We’ve never gotten such a wild call before.”

” Were you the sort of person to be stabbed?”

Callum comically replied, ” I didn’t have a gang, but I will say that at that point, it wouldn’t have been unusual for me to get stabbed.”

He explained that his mom and dad were “over the moon” to hear that he had survived.

Over the weekend, Callum said he rushed back to their home to “assure them it was me.”

His parents are no longer in contact with his sisters. But can you blame them for that?