As a result of plastic surgery, Lin Mei’s face has become so messed up that it’s hard to recognize her. What cosmetic procedures did she decide to undergo? Before and after makeovers.

Mexican vedette, exotic dancer, and actress Lilia Mendiola de Chi was born in 1952 and is best known by her pseudonym Lin May.

Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, she was one of the most famous Mexican vedettes, a popular sex icon, and one of the top stars of fisherman movies.

But recently, Lin May has been in the press due to a botched plastic surgery procedure that ruined her beautiful natural face. So what happened? Let’s talk about it.

Lin Mei’s new plastic surgery – what procedure ruined her face?

Lin Mei has long established herself as a well-known performer in Mexico and Latin America, especially after taking the plunge into the profession at a young age.

Unsurprisingly, Lin Mei thrived as an actress for several years, but over time, her popularity and fame faded, leading to the need to resort to plastic surgery.

Often, the star admitted that she was afraid of aging, which may have led her to want to undergo plastic surgery in an attempt to gain eternal youth. However, things did not go as planned: the surgery caused drastic changes in her life and for the worse.

Over time, her progress went downhill, and the actress took care of her face to regain strength. For this, she asked the doctor to conduct the most suitable procedure. Unfortunately, however, Lin could not have imagined how her life would change due to her facial deformity.

Allegedly, during an alleged cheekbone surgery, the Mexican star was injected with baby oil that destroyed and disfigured her face, further aggravating her features over time. After discovering the problem, she resorted to various surgical procedures to correct it, but all were to no avail.

Despite trying to keep her old face, Lin Mei did her best and accepted the consequences of her pursuit of plastic surgery. Now, she doesn’t care about the opinions of harsh critics.

In the past, Lin Mei has proudly showing off her face after surgery

In 2020, Lin May went under the knife and proudly showed off her “new” appearance in the program Un Nuevo Dia on Telemundo. In the Un Nuevo Dia program, the 68-year-old Mexican star was asked to show off her appearance after the surgery.

During the program, May wore a masquerade mask, hiding her face to pique the interest of viewers. Lin appeared on the program alongside Un Nuevo Da drivers Jorge Bernal and Hector Sandarti, as well as the doctor who performed her cosmetic surgery, Jose Achar.

After chatting with the drivers, Lin Mei stated that her waist and hips were more authentic, but she wanted bigger breasts, and the cosmetic doctor moved on to examine her face.

According to Jose Achar, Vedetta increased the volume of her face as it was a severe condition that bothered her constantly.

With a radiant new face, Lin Mei exclaimed: The interview was published on the YouTube account A New Day, where it garnered over a million views and tons of comments, some in support of Lin Mei and others critical.

There are undoubtedly positive changes; her face looks less inflamed and has slightly reduced cheekbones. We need to be a little more humane to her and send her many blessings to continue to recover, even if only little by little.

The rest of us think she has yet to get better looking in person, but we agree that she has a great figure.

There are not many changes, but we should also remember that the lady already had a very messed up face and is already old, but there is no denying that he still has a great body that many people already want.

Lin Mei was visibly touched and happy with her new look, so it’s nice that many people supported her.