Bounty Hunter Dog is getting married tomorrow. His bride’s name is Francie Fran. Meet his blonde bride-to-be right now.

Bounty Hunter Dwayne Chapman (Dog The Bounty Hunter) is getting married on September 2, and it’s time to share some facts about his blushing bride-to-be, Francie Fran. Ever since Dwayne met Francie, he’s been shouting his admiration from the rooftops. The future spouse has lived an exciting life.

In 2017, Dwayne and his family learned that Beth Chapman had throat cancer. However, they were soon informed that the cancer was in remission. But unfortunately, a year later, the cancer returned and spread to her lungs. He supported his wife as she courageously battled the cancer. She eventually died from the disease. At Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Beth from the TV series “Bounty Hunter” passed away from complications of Stage II throat cancer. The woman was only 51 years old. The couple married in May 2006. After her death, Dwayne was grieving. After that, he started trying his luck by moving from one woman to another. As a result, he fell into the arms of Francie, who filled the void in his heart.

The 52-year-old Francie is a rancher living in Colorado. According to The U.S. Sun, Francie met Dwayne through her late husband, Bob Frain, who helped the bounty hunter work on the farm. Shortly before Beta’s passing, Francie lost her husband to cancer. To break the tragic news to him, Francie called the bounty hunter “The Dog.” This was after Dwayne left a message on their phone asking for Bob’s help. As a result, Dwayne and Francie bonded over their shared loss.

Francie is a role model for Dwayne: they go to church three times a week and share meaningful Bible snippets on social media. In addition, the rancher is trying to help her future husband quit smoking. Dwayne’s children seem happy with their father’s new relationship so far. For example, Lissa Chapman has repeatedly expressed her support on Twitter, saying that “love is in the air.” Overall, the impression is that Francie is a very calm woman who is ready to spend her life with Dwayne.

Most recently, the couple announced that they would be tying the knot in September. It was planned that they would get married earlier, but due to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the wedding had to be postponed. On Instagram, bounty hunter Pez posted a photo hinting that he will soon have a new wife. At the same time, he confessed his boundless love for Francie. Dwayne first proposed to Francie in May 2020, and now the couple hopes that nothing will stop them on the big day. The Bounty Hunter has chosen the wedding venue himself. If the wedding is anything like Francie’s, it will be a modest event with close family and friends in attendance.