Days before his tragic death from presumed drowning, Friends star Matthew Perry shared a photo of him relaxing in the scorching tub in which he was later found unconscious.

Most celebrities, before their tragic deaths, take their last photos in the place where they later passed away, and it can’t get any creepier than those photographed in a hot tub.

For example, Friends star Matthew Perry was photographed in the very same hot tub in which he was found unconscious just days after his alleged drowning. James Dean was last photographed in the car he later crashed, resulting in his death, and Tupac Shakur was pictured in the seat of the vehicle in which he was fatally shot shortly afterward.

The rest of the pictures carry some restraint.

For example, “Jumanji” star Robin Williams looked happy three weeks before his death, posing with a monkey on his shoulder on his birthday before committing suicide by hanging.

Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington posed with his family for one last happy photo before taking his own life.

Christina Grimmie, like John Lennon, took one last photo at a fan meet-and-greet moments before she was shot three times at point-blank range while signing autographs.

She was left lying on the floor, bleeding from the head as a result of CPR attempts, but was pronounced dead just over half an hour later.