The 1000 Pound Sisters performer Amy Slaton made fans feel hot under the collar by posting a photo showing her trim and lean legs after her massive weight loss.

Amy Slaton, the star of the 1000 Pound Sisters series, was stunned by her slim legs in shorts and tight leggings.

The girl looked sensational, posing in front of the camera, and posted a video on TikTok showing off her outfit. In the clip, Amy stood in the living room of her Kentucky home.

The TLC contestant wore a tiger print t-shirt, blue shorts, and a pink beanie with puffy fields. She then spun a video that showed her in a completely different outfit – a shiny blue-green T-shirt and leggings with a fish scale print.

The caption for the video is “After.” Fins are sticking out the sides of the leggings, which Amy wiggled and then mimed a fish and spun around to show off the outfit.

In the comments, fans expressed their admiration for the reality star. One fan wrote::: ” You look just amazing; keep it up; I like it.” Another fan wrote: “I love that you have long hair. It looks good!”

Someone third wrote: “Amy, you look amazing!!!!! Come on, mommy!!!” Amy seems to love the look lately, and for Halloween, she dressed up as a mermaid.

In the photo, she showed off her slimmed-down face and neck, and her hair was dyed a bright blue. The girl braided her colorful strands into a neat side braid and wore a dazzling blue-green top around her shoulders.

Amy captioned the spooky snapshot, “Mermaid vibes Halloween 2023.” Once again, fans rushed to the comments section to share their love for the star and comment on her impressive weight loss.

One fan said: ” Eyes on point, girl!”. Another fan wrote: ” YOU LOOK GREAT”. A third wrote, ” You are beautiful.”

The rest came to the comments section and asked Amy to stop using filters on her photos. Someone said: ” Go back to no filters. You have one. I’m sorry, but I’m being honest. But honestly, I’m a fan of yours. She is naturally beautiful.” Others wrote, ” I think there’s a big filter standing there.”