After Prince William and Kate Middleton walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011, their marriage was hailed as a modern fairy tale. And in many ways, it was. 

Of course, since that romantic day in 2011, William and Catherine’s relationship has not been without its ups and downs. According to royal affairs expert Tom Quinn, the couple have often quarreled to the point of horror. 

Of course, being modern monarchs, William and Catherine hardly cemented their union with political alliances. Still, certain expectations were placed on them, connected with the protection of the monarchy’s image and the birth of an heir. 

While marriage to a suitable partner could strengthen the crown, filing for divorce had the opposite effect. For this reason, high-profile royal family members, such as Prince William and Princess Catherine, are keen to stay together no matter what happens.

It sounds like an exaggeration to say that Prince William and Princess Catherine’s marriage is critical to the monarchy’s future. In reality, however, this argument may be plausible. A royal divorce leads to a big scandal, which directly affects the monarchy’s popularity. 

Of course, it’s one thing to be told you support the monarchy and quite another to do so. The example of Prince Harry illustrates this reality most vividly. Indeed, the red-haired rebel has repeatedly demonstrated that he will always put his family’s happiness above the monarchy’s image. When it comes to Prince William and Princess Catherine, nothing formally prevents them from doing the same. They can do so if they want to separate from the monarchy – or each other.

It’s probably not just political factors that keep Prince William and Princess Catherine together. It is likely that the couple also have personal reasons for keeping their marriage together. Chief among them may be William’s divorce history. 

Prince William and Princess Catherine stayed together in order not to repeat the mistakes of the past. However, another reason the couple remains married is that they work very well together. 

According to Town & Country, one such interest is mental health research and awareness. William and Catherine devoted several hours to the topic. This experience eventually led them to create the Heads Together initiative with their separated relative, Prince Harry.

They also spearheaded the Mental Health Minute awareness campaign in 2022, which ran on radio stations nationwide.

Body language experts claim they look as much in love as ever

Most couples stay together because they genuinely love each other, which may be true for Prince William and Princess Catherine. The team has publicly demonstrated their love many times over the years. And at least one sign language expert thinks these adorable moments between the couple are too cute to be faked.